Monday, 15 September 2014

A moment of introspection can give the illusion of standing at crossroads, at the juncture of something huge about to happen to your life. But then sometimes, we are used to giving our lives more importance than they actually deserve, or were even created for. While the limits of the narrow vision allows you to see the world as concentric ever-widening circles revolving around your life, you are probably not there in some circle at all. A random spec in some obscure space of the cosmic mind: you matter only incidentally, temporally, placed in the narrative only by the dint of time, to be erased, overwhelmed by the tide of due course. But then, human mind is prone to making callous overestimation. A moment of cosmic whim must be given its due importance, a moment of whim where you are hurled back to feeling like being in the centre... And that cosmic gaze too appears to see the centre in you. There's always a moment of chance, choice, to make life appear so much more; that it actually becomes larger. 


Caveman said...

Bull, Piggy, Bull! Mah head is goin' 'round in circles after readin' this here blog post! Big. Giant. Concentric. Circles. %|

Ah had no idea you was writin' 'gain. Musta been some cosmic whim that brought me here.

Nah, 'tis my choice, i'm sure.

Dang it!