Thursday, 6 February 2014

You have been ignored for too long.

So, clearly I had misunderstood the quirks of education. It consumes your life. But as an employed friend of mine points out, it always appears that life is greener on the other side whereas it's all the same muck, really. But I stand by my argument that it is indeed lush green on the other side.

The other point of concern apart from education and unemployment is the strange phenomenon of holy matrimony that seems to have hit my friends in a somewhat domino effect format. When I had first started writing for this blog, I was all immature and sixteen. At (soon to be) twenty-four, I am as immature and sixteen minus the sweetness and all that it was supposed to entail. To top it all, being taught feminist discourses does not really help. It adds to the general idea that the best thing to do in life is to keep a pet cat, and even that can wield assertions of power that will steal your moments of individual freedom by not budging from that spot on the couch from which you get the perfect view at the television. Ah well.

But the point is, I feel I need to write more often. Expressions into anonymous familiarity helps. Yes, I screwed up what I thought would be crucial junctures of my life, a point of no return. I survived. Mostly because I exaggerated their effects on me. When we look back, things are way too funny while we have probably tackled those presents which grim seriousness that we thought they deserved. But that's a good thing. The future is all about more funny things to happen for their future to look back upon, and the tale of survival isn't bad. I mean, look deep enough, we tend to exaggerate sorrows anyway.