Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Being practical is an art that many hankers for but can never master. Some who does manage to reach a high point in life, where others can look up to them and admire for all their displayed glory. The idea of never bunking school during examination years was a strict No-no in bold red in the How To Succeed As a Super-Geek Guide books. Life has been simple, dreamy, untextured with intellectual brouhahas which, lets face it, kind of spoils the fun. I mean, one really would'nt plan to woo a pretty girl with a quote from Tolstoy and hope to get away with it. In brief, times were not always textured with pragmatism but were quite cool nevertheless. Of course, then we didn't worry much about life and all that in entailed. It simply meant living for the day. A bit too immature a thought I'd admit now. But of course time and tide waits for no man. Before we know it, what passes off as wordly wisdom stifles a lot of old-school mush that our minds, nay, our hearts grew fond of. Pragmatism and the progress of time is a great spoiler. But dejectedly or not, I must admit that wiithout it, life amongst the wise wise men shall be tough.