Wednesday, 1 February 2012

On Perfection

We run our tiny rat races to achieve little perfections of our own. The right job where your bank balance is cool and your colleagues and bosses love you, the right school where the friends have just the right quotient of fun and sincerity, and the right relationship where you have all the love in the world, and the least fights to go with it.

There are I think two perfections we come across in every sphere of life. One that's the idea and one which is the reality. The mind has the liberty to create perfections from various strands of experiences. We all want a bit of this and a bit of that; combine them and the mind has the perfection ready in a jiffy. I think this mind's perfection often makes one overlook the little real ones that life offers us time and again. While waiting for the ideal picture to take shape, we might forget to acknowledge what we really have. But then, that's how we all are. 


Sayan said...

Hmmmm I have thought about it too. It's like it's a multi-dimensional graph. It's hard enough to find an equilibrium point on a 3 dimensional graph (only one exists). In reality that graph has at least 5 dimensions viz. pleasure, profit, growth, sync (with friends/family) and personal taste. Sigh. I'm rambling now, forgive me.

Nice read though.

Olive Oyl said...

Sounds mathematical to me. A theme that I've given up since class 10 or so. But got your point. And agreed. Thanks for dropping and rambling by. ;)