Thursday, 1 December 2011

All that mush

There's something about agony aunt columns that hugely attracts me. I mean, who wouldn't like to read about sixteen year old hormonal beings confused about which girl to choose, what alcoholic experiments to indulge in or ask the very pertinent question of which is better: studies or sleazy movies. Of course relationships receive primary focus.

I wonder what it is about relationships that makes it so popular. Look at the movies, agony aunt columns, advertisements, songs, story books. Almost all has some liberal dose of man-woman bonding. So there are those stories where one specimen of human nature wants to bond with another specimen, or there's the case of actual bonding, or cases of post breaking up of bonds between human specimens. The good stories bring in multi-specimen-bonding angles resulting in infidelity of some sorts that ironically make it all the more charming. (I mean, look at Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You've got Mail. They both were cheating on their partners on some sort of a higher level but it is to me of the best romantic movies I've ever seen).

And thus love is always in the air. Or at least some other forms of it that can be passed off as such when garnished well. There's the hopefulness of finding new love, the happiness or the stagnant phase of worn out love stories and the post-break up love stories of the single hearts. However macho one might be, I suppose it's hard to ignore the mush, when it is all around you.