Friday, 16 December 2011


I'm typically one of those sad fellows who finds immense joy in observing the lives of others. That compensates for the lack in life, and also contributes humbly to the popularity of Mark Zuckerberg. Very Utilitarian, I know. And what better than human bondages, and their severances. Anyway, so break ups are always supposed to be this sad affair that involves some hours of sentimental tear jerking, sniffs, reminiscences, what-ifs and some more of tear jerking. But everything has a positive side, I'd always like to believe.

Post severances of alliances, one is liberated for a while, and that's when one can fondly check out the girls on the road without pangs of guiltiness (basing this on a dubious assumption that guilt pangs were felt when alliances were intact). One's monthly budget is generously reduced, and one is not scolded for not calling up, or calling at the wrong time, or calling at the right time with the wrong purpose, or calling at the wrong time with the wrong purpose. A lot of trouble is solved at one go. There might be sudden feelings of being left alone for the rest of the life or something like that. But it's never like that. The world has too many people, and on top of that there are also too many people who wouldn't mind maintaining two or more relationships. Nothing can be too bad in this world. ;)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

December Resolutions

So time is running fast. A few days ago there was January, and a whole new year ahead of me. And now it's December. Resolutions never work for me. I am too irresolute a person to tackle with New Years' Resolutions. Getting some adipose has always been there in the list. But needless to say, that's not happening as you all know. But it's December. And I like the racy feeling of having lots to do and having too little time for all that. Somewhat like life, squeezed into the remnants of a month.

I'd like to cross the river on a ferry once more. Get on to the top of a really tall building from where I can see the two bridges as well as Victoria Memorial. The grand skyline always makes me feel that I'm just a tiny dot in this big world, and it's a nice feeling. I'd like to see the night sky and stars for a long time. I'd like to hear the ship's siren from the docks near Calcutta on 31st midnight. I miss that since my six year-old days. I want to be on the college grounds. This shall probably be the last time I look at it like this. I want to sing myself hoarse with people whose company I cherish. I want to go to school and sing Christmas carols. I want some Decembers back. There's so much to do in a fraction of a month. A few days later there'll be a new month, and a whole new year ahead of me.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

I think, therefore there's boredom

I am fond of reading. In fact with time I am realising that I am so fond of it that I'm quite dealing with a lifestyle dangerously close to being sedentary. Of course the adipose associated with isn't providentially turning up, but then that's one hope I've given up. I had resolved to read a certain book by this year and am having to deal with it now that it's December and the Earth is revolving a bit too fast for me it seems. The book talks about how certain criminals are necessary for the greater good, or something like that. All fair and all that. It did set me into thinking deep.

I've been thinking about having thoughts. Thoughts that I often sentimentally deem profound because of my inherent quality of self-appreciation; a view that most does not share with me for logical reasons. And I think of life, the world around me, the cows and people living on grass, on people not living on grass, and all the remaining stuff that one can think about to kill time. And I by divine intervention realise the whole problem of mankind. It's thinking. Whatever Descartes may have had to say about it being the essence of being and all that, thinking kind of tends to make things a mess.

I mean, the basic thoughts are quite okay. Look at the early men, of course they thought on some levels. They slept, ate, procured food, mated like bunnies and scooted off to heaven sooner or later. Constructive thinking obviously led to fire and all that jazz, but I suppose they wouldn't be too fond of reading stuff that are supposed to have a deep impact on the intellect of mankind. I think a lot, mostly because I am too lazy for anything otherwise; but there are times when I suppose one needs to pause all that profound intellectual brain-digging for sometime, and be at peace. Else, boredom inevitably follows.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

All that mush

There's something about agony aunt columns that hugely attracts me. I mean, who wouldn't like to read about sixteen year old hormonal beings confused about which girl to choose, what alcoholic experiments to indulge in or ask the very pertinent question of which is better: studies or sleazy movies. Of course relationships receive primary focus.

I wonder what it is about relationships that makes it so popular. Look at the movies, agony aunt columns, advertisements, songs, story books. Almost all has some liberal dose of man-woman bonding. So there are those stories where one specimen of human nature wants to bond with another specimen, or there's the case of actual bonding, or cases of post breaking up of bonds between human specimens. The good stories bring in multi-specimen-bonding angles resulting in infidelity of some sorts that ironically make it all the more charming. (I mean, look at Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You've got Mail. They both were cheating on their partners on some sort of a higher level but it is to me of the best romantic movies I've ever seen).

And thus love is always in the air. Or at least some other forms of it that can be passed off as such when garnished well. There's the hopefulness of finding new love, the happiness or the stagnant phase of worn out love stories and the post-break up love stories of the single hearts. However macho one might be, I suppose it's hard to ignore the mush, when it is all around you.