Friday, 11 November 2011

So, it's good weather alright. Of course everyone has noticed. So has their cameras which now is busy capturing the nascent wintriness that's all around us. Subtle, gradual, yet timid. There are pictures in the memory cards thats ready to be published on the favourite online networking sites with a copyright sign making it vehemently one's own, however ocassionally unphotogenic it may be. There's soon going to be pictures of pretty people with their new winter clothes that now adorn their wardrobe. There's going to be status updates of the foggy mornings and the lazily late suns. Happy ones. For we feel what we express. A few scribbly blog updates about how heavenly and breathtaking nature really is when it is in a mode of metamorphosis. A few more expressions without really coming in touch with people. Are you alone as you see winter come? Not really. Are you not alone? Well, again, not really. There's the virtual modes of communications you see, where we choose to express ourselves as the world turns cold around us.


Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
"as the world turns cold around us...."
just loved the way you summed it up...

quite sometime since you posted, or may be it was my exile....but glad to have read this today...

Eon Heath..
(the guy u still dont know)

Olive Oyl said...

Yes, I surprisingly have less time to waste now. hence lesser posts for the time being. ;)