Thursday, 29 September 2011

On hope, festivity and growing up.

Too much enthusiasm is detrimental to health. Sometimes, the mind is in a state of utopia. Everything works according to your own will. And then there's the collusion with reality that erodes much of it's dreaminess.

Welcome to the festive season. It's the season of make or break romances, heart burns, vanity, larger than life realities and realisations of the unmakings and makings of friendships. The world shrinks itself into the city with make-belief palaces cropping up here and there, glittery streets that otherwise wear an old forlorn look, girls with prettiness painted on their faces and others wearing their hearts on their sleeves with much elan. There's music. Not a single street is devoid of them. And there are short midnight naps and exciting mornings when one looks forward to their single day of living larger than life, going beyond the mundane humdrums of everyday details. And there's hope of something magical happening each day.

Hope is one of those greatest shatterer of hope itself. No reality can live up to the expectations the mind creates for oneself. It's the festive season. Sometimes, I think, one just needs to realise that inspite of the unwillingness to accept it, we've grown up into prim and proper grown-ups. The type we used to hate when we were kids. The ones who'd curtail our freedom, be it the ice cream cone or the battery-operated aeroplanes that would transform our rooves into giant airfields. Enjoyment has reduced itself to hours of pre-planning, worries and joyous recalling and consolations of the one day of every three-month when we all can say we enjoyed, pictures hoarded up for the world to see are the required proofs. We;ve learnt the art of deliberation and rejection. But on our way to become composed adults, I suppose we had to lose the child in us.


Asif Shaik said...

"No reality can live up to the expectations the mind creates for oneself."-So true.
But believe me some people are there who are trying their best not to lose that child within and not lose that pure innocence. Can this world ever leave them to live on their own terms? Only time can tell.
Welcome to the festive season :)
Hope you are having a great time!