Monday, 19 September 2011

Creeks in the city

I saw the sea in the heart of the city today.

No, I'm not delirious. True story. My college is in an area where even if you have one of those little fountains under which Jaya Prada used to dance in her movies, there's going to be some great amount of water-logging. And I saw the city come alive amidst all the discomfort. Students grumbling on their way back, would remember this day when they fondly look back upon their college days, little boys on their way back experimenting in knee deep murky water as if they didn't care for all the dirt... every mother's nightmare. Cars almost wading slowly, wipers fast moving, trousers up till the knees, umbrellas bright, clashing against low lying roofs of roadside second hand bookstalls that has a misty smell of old books and moist wind, the college folks of the male kind hoping that the pretty ones of their female counterpart will do a Sridevi stunt in the rain, hawkers hurrying to take their items off the road before the water devoured them, Hand-pulled cycle rickshaws suddenly getting a life back from their collective demise as people realise they are the only comfortable mode of transport in the temporary creeks of the city, Ambassadors showing their might over the sleeker cars, food stalls bursting with people, wet umbrellas and murky shoes. As life went on.

Just another day went by. While I was safely huddled in a car hoping that the water won't seep into the engine, I saw my city come alive around me.


Ann Dee said...

Sweet! Stopped by after a long time and must say your writing is getting better...and better. :)

Flintstone said...
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Olive Oyl said...

thank you so much. and by the way, that display picture you have in your profile is absolutely stunning. :)