Sunday, 21 August 2011

Being Original.

I'm tired of trying to create nice imageries in my writings. I start with a high on sentimentality enthusiasm but it ends with a dejected whimper. Too much inspiration kills the originality within.

That brings me to the weird question: where does one's originality lie? Since a kid, one is being taught to articulate the rules of life according to set social norms. Therefore, the impressionable mind of the kid learns to stick out her tongue mockingly at a passerby because some other bored fellow did the same to her. Not very original, but then, it has not been a terribly conscious attempt at imitation. Hence, pardoned.

The madmen that you see on the road doing stuff that you wouldn't imagine doing on the roads is being original. But no one's going to give the chap some super-hyped prize for originality. One's services are original and not bordering on lunacy when it is restricted to socially accepted norms. Be original, but within limits of course. Abberations can scare the hell out of people, and that is just not very nice. We are sensitive folks, you see.


Waled Aadnan said...

Quoting Oscar Wilde "Most people are other people." It's probably the worst kept secret that our modern desire to adopt certain identities as our own in toto, leaves us very little of what we "originally" are. From a very early age, we are made to choose certain characteristics of our own over others equally our own. The criteria for choice often ends up being the social acceptability of the characteristic. Over a sustained period of time, we end up assuming a garb of a socially acceptable identity which the "original we" cannot identify with any longer.

Olive Oyl said...

But then, often the socially acceptable us and the original us are adjusted to make one and the same person. I think that's what most does to be at peace, and often justly so.

Waled Aadnan said...

I would rather believe that a "real" person as a fully functional human being is a myth. Apart from the inherent characteristics we are born with viz. sex, race, community, the other ingredients that go into making the "real" person are all influenced by society and our desires to fit into it or to be viewed in a particular light by it. As such, the real and socially acceptable individuals do not merge to orchestrate a compromise. Rather, social acceptability related decisions go into making the real person in the first place.

Olive Oyl said...

It's more like, the socially acceptable ingredients are being cultured right from the beginning somehow or the other. It's the main fodder that formulates one's thoughts, somewhat like the Cartesian ergo cogito sum. Some might say they want to defy social impositions; but the very fact that one is articulating such thoughts through modes of communications that society by large can understand shows the inevitableness of social impositions.

There's hardly any discrimination of a real person or a fake person. A person is a person, quite real unless one is prone to have too much faith in Advaita. ;)

Waled Aadnan said...

Absolutely! : )

Olive Oyl said...

High Five. :D

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi

"socially acceptable" isnt it another name ppl give for something called "ethical"?
but then i say, we always have the option of not doing it the way they expect us to. its our lack of courage for not being able to bend the rules...n we end up blaming the society...its not like they are stopping us from anything, but we are afraid of ebing cast away...somehow, we want to be in that society...

too much stuff!! haaa....too philosophical!!

Nice write up...

n that originality thingy...when ppl loose themselves formt he chain of ethics, the become themselves...that i suppose would eb original. :)

Eon Heath...
the one you still dont know.. :P

Olive Oyl said...

Hello, Fellow-I-Don't-Know,

Random philosophical rants are always appreciated here. ;) The world is often too strict for our mundane ideas. hence, the internet and this whole new wide sphere of expressing oneself. :)

Asif Shaik said...

Reading a serious stuff like this but still smiling wide ear to ear on the writing style all along.

Oh God! I’m even letting you know about it even when I know that it hurts the writer who took so much pain in writing this serious topic? (Most often than not a good writer or an artist is sensitive.)
If I’m original I may hurt the feelings of others and if I’m not original then definitely I'll hurt my own self.

The key I think is balancing everything to not go beyond our limits in hurting ourselves and also to make others happy(at least not hurt others). A change is a change whether it’s too small or big. If I’m changing a bit of myself in the process of not hurting others then I’m no more an original. Hence they call us Social animal.
But speaking my heart out in front of a person who expresses from such beautiful mind and expecting that it will not hurt is my own thinking. And does that qualify me to say I’m original? Hehehe Never.
Thanks for sharing such valuable thoughts.
P.S. I loved Waled Aadnan’s second comment. Very well said and so true.