Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Monetary woes

Money sometimes matters you know. Assured full scholarship provisions can deal with the rest. I used to study in a school where 50% of the students couldn't pay their fees while the rest of the students who could afford, paid slightly more to compensate. And, albeit your criticisms, I think most students come out from the school as socially aware adults. It is imperative that an institution should use the resources of those who can afford, to compensate for those who cannot. I don't know much about economics but my common sense says it is simply a case of transference of money from those who have surplus to the coffers of the deficit areas. Provided fiscal assistance is assured for those who cannot afford right from the beginning, I don't see why the rest can't dole out more. I mean, say, simply by cutting down one's smoking costs, one can balance the whole thing you know. The question then isn't about money over merit, but the development of the fund of an institution like Presidency planning to perch itself on the road to success.

(This is a personal response to some students' movement against fee hike in Presidency University.)

Friday, 3 June 2011

On grievances. :|

Often, the quietness outside is endearing. In the darkness and silence of the night, one can see a whole new world come out of nowhere, busily making the most of time till daylight breaks. The shadows play, the little door in the corner creaks to let out a cat that stealthily got into the unaware kitchen. The world outside is sleepy, resting after the tiring day. And one feels content and happy, and thinks about all the good times and all that is gleeful, garnished with red heart balloons.

Not when the God-cursed city behaves like it's a big boiling tub of sweat. I was about to be more descriptive but certain things are better left unsaid. Next to extensive water-logging inducing monsoon, summer seriously annoys me. I never could get it why Enid Blyton would talk of summers in such an endearing way, but of course it was like our winter. One would obviously find that great.

This weather makes one think of all the jobs left unfinished, all the things to work on the eleventh hour of yet-another-examination, all the people with whom closure was never achieved in the form of choicest hard hitting one liners that sound very cool in one's head, all the good food that wasn't eaten because the humidity makes you question the honour of mutton biriyani, all the sunscreen advertisements, and all the food that turned awry but you've realised that only after they've settled in your hapless stomach.

It's just June. And the monsoon's to follow that I think is tolerable provided I'm not on the road.

Happy mid-summer, fellows. May it not make you as lousy as it makes me.

A glum cheerio,

-Lousy mind personified.