Sunday, 22 May 2011

On one's calling and all that

The world often intimidates me. (Had I been appropriately intellectual, I would have dared to comment that it amuses me, and get away with it). I am one of those typical nerds who likes to sit with her dog eared books and read about how a sixteenth century king managed his extra-marital affairs. It's like tabloid for the insipid. In brief, as many claim, I am one of those fellows who live in a slightly different generation altogether, unaware of the fast-paced reality around us. Ah well. My shortcomings.

I see people around me doing unimaginably enterprising tasks. There are fellows who are suave talkers, fellows who get into great professional courses that provide them with cool jobs at the end of the day, while they are happy to see their books out of their shelves and houses. But there are some fellows who actually like to study you know. Of course when some remark that history is all about mugging up and is appropriate for the dimwitted and the uninitiated, One usually complies with their humble observations. The proverbial case of each unto his own.

I intend to stay in academics, mostly because I am nerdy and I am not enterprising enough for anything else. To be fair, I'll enjoy it too. (or so I think till I change my decision) I once thought of taking up journalism as a career option but halfway down college I realized that it isn't exactly my Calvinist calling. And as I came to conclusion with one of my college fellows, what better than history to be an intellectual prick in the adipose-blessed posterior merely by quoting one's syllabus?

But somewhere down the line, I just don't think it is easy to convince some people that one can actually look forward to an un-enterprising geeky uncool life, appreciating it as way better than slogging all the time without getting enough time to sleep, you know.

Oh well, the intricacies of the mature world.


Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi

well, i wouldnt say history intersets me...i never got the dates right.. :-/
but i would say learning, and not just mugging up, is what matters...then you choose what you wish to learn..thats your outlook...but knowing is growing...

nice one...keep it going...

The Silhouette...
(someone you donno...)

Shahana said...

Books are nicer than people.

Lost within myself said...

All i can say is do not listen to long as you have the means to live should do what you love to do.
And it's mighty cool of you to know what you love to do..and have the guts to follow it..Most enterprising fellows are merely followers of popular trends..who suffer from depression later because they realize they don't really do what they wanted.