Friday, 20 May 2011

Old school thoughts. :)

Once upon a time when I was nine years old with two pigtails and a height that didn't evolve much later, I remember staring at the fan when I was trying to sleep. As I looked at it, I thought proudly of my sister who'll be leaving school to enter college that year, and I convinced myself that if I blinked hard enough, I might reach grow ten years older to become her age, the moment I woke up. (I was a dreamy lousy unsocial kid then, so my past time consisted of such weird science-defying approaches towards life).

Somewhere down the line I have grown-up remembering this little idea of mine. I blinked in the normal rate I assume, but nevertheless the day came by quite soon. And passed.

It's strange that years pass faster nowadays. It seems like it was a few days ago when I promised myself that I my first priority will be my old associations, as I survived the first class in college. And now we are about to become the senior-most, and priorities have uneasily shifted to and fro with a natural grace that makes it harder to complain.

I like the laid back life where we won't have to worry of what's going to become of the future. But it does bother me as unfortunately no matter how wise I try to pretend, this is my temperament.

All of a sudden, when I remember those days when I wished to grow up in a jiffy, I wonder if my wishes have been granted too fast.

But then, I was a dreamy lousy unsocial kid then, so this has been an improvement.


Lost within myself said...

time flies..more so when you grow up :(