Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Great Indian Stalker.

It's tough being unaware of the political scenario, really. I have tried to be so but rather unsuccessfully. I mean, they budge in between my life so often that I think these fellow Gods of Indian Politics have quite successfully managed to make themselves heard by us attempting-to-be not-bothered youthful spirits. A few days ago I was trying to return from college and merrily hopped on to an auto. As it glided through the alleys that in other times repeatedly make one realise of the rising population, I knew something was brewing up ahead. Of course I was not wrong. There was the lady-in Opposition doing her I-walk-alone stunt much to the amazement of arthritis ridden fifty somethings and the annoyance of punctual me.

As I entered my home after fumbling for keys inside my politically-symbolic khadi side-bag which resembles the hippie culture more than Gandhi would have approved of, an sms urged me to support Anna Hazare. It made me recall that in the morning my mother and I were intently gazing on the picture of the old chap and saying if he was thinner he'd definitely look like Gandhi. My mother voted him to be a Lal Bahadur Shastri look-alike. Very politically conscious peeps we are. I mean, I am grateful that someone has finally given a do-or-I-won't-eat challenge to the government. I like the Congress chaps. BJP peeps were too saffron for my taste. But that does not mean that the high and mighty fellows are going to get away with corruption. While they stack moolahs into their designer bags and Swiss banks, I don't even get swiss chocolates. Not fair I insist.

Of course one sms doesn't provide such a big chain of thought. Just typed a bit too much. Nevertheless, when I switched on the television, there was Arnab Goswami barking out loud somewhere and I hurriedly changed the channel to see some sober chap of similar profession. I logged in to my Facebook account to see the same news of the anti-corruption chap and my friends commented away to glory.

And I wondered. We desi fellows are an interesting lot. The Great Indian Political Bandwagon always harries us with something or the other. For people like me who has a comfortable life and decent education, we can't get away with not being politically conscious. It's very funnily inter-woven with almost every aspects of our lives. And a good thing that it is.

P.S: This is a little bit dedicated to the chap who said long time ago in MTV Roadies that the current President of India is Rajiv Gandhi. Amen.