Friday, 25 March 2011


There's a wind outside every evening that to the romantics will bring in some desired hormonal surge, to the less-lethargic ones the desire for a brisk walk, and to people like my mother, the idea of chicken pox. Well, it's the proverbial case of each unto his own.

As I sit in the balcony I see a lonely cow chewing what looks like grass. (I don't know if it makes them high). A few stray dogs sitting idly (quite like us mortals; and the similarities don't end here), and a cricket which is too loud for it's tinyness. The moon has been an old faithful in the quiet night sky. It has tried to be quite glamorous in the past few days, but no matter what it tries, it is still as pretty. And as I sit I think of all the people I know, and how I am a bit of every one of them. I realise these aren't the times to hold grudges. (except the really big ones :P). But these are the times to let life savour each moment of enjoyment; be it sitting quietly doing nothing, or painstakingly taking classnotes in what looks like unknown scripts, or delivering series of obnoxious jokes. These are the times to also gracefully deal with the moments that may not be as good. But there's no point in holding petty feelings. They make us small, and undermine the inherent goodness in life. They eat us from within, narrowing our minds so much that we can hardly see beyond what goes on in it.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

On 'Friends'. (The really great one)

This post has been long due. I wouldn't do justice to my beliefs if I didn't write on this one. I'm not too much of a K-serial person. I don't enjoy the camera taking the same scene from different angles with background score that sounds like some heavenly fall of a steel bowl when a fellow is in some mess. Plus their numerous marriages aren't like Ross's. Therefore when a fellow once categorised FRIENDS as a serial, I thanked the bloke above that I am not to pally with this mortal.

The sitcom has been so well woven into my life that I now try to find out the Ross, the Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe in every group I wriggle into. And you might laugh at me (for all I care) but when there's some problematic situation that I've got myself into, I often think of how the Friends peeps would react. It does provide me with a reasonable solution. Whether the other party is going to respond to it properly is a different issue altogether. It's not that the sitcom is perfect or the people in it. But that's what makes them so charming and real. It made me realise that in life, in several situations, if we had that background laughter being played while we were being the victim of some odd situation, we'd realise how funny certain things really are. And let's face it. Life is quite funny anyway.

So here's to the sitcom I'm partial towards. It's not that I don't enjoy other shows. (How I met your mother is beautifully made) but I am just an insignificant mortal who can't control her partialities towards the one sitcom that taught her a lot in life. (however cheesy this might sound).

Saturday, 12 March 2011

On Insignificance

As I watched the waters engulf bits and pieces of Japan forever, I wondered where we all stand. It gives the same feeling that one gets when she sees the skies. The sheer grandeur makes one realise the insignificance of our little lives in the cosmic world. It obviously has greater things in mind, therefore while the earth on its way towards its usual spin suddenly trips, it takes with it the lives of people in a jiffy, like a trot of a small man that accidentally kills a few ants.

The cosmos didn't give us fellows much power, neither does it care much. We fellows learnt a few tricks during the evolution and think that we are the smartest of the lot. As our heads grew big our ideas shrank and it revolved around the superiority of mankind upon the rest of the creatures, and then the superiorty of man over man. But let's face it, even if that Darwininan monkey is laughing at our present volatile condition, I wouldn't trade places with it. I'm almost content with my present comfort, hoping to gather some more. I'm not sure if I shall ever be happy with everything I have, but then, that's what human nature is like I suppose. I'm more or less content.

But somewhere down the line, however important and magnanimous our evolution might appear to be, we are still a rtiny speck in the cosmic world, that lives for only a fraction of time before getting back to dust. It is probably this realisation of our insignificance in this larger universe that makes one create a God to symbolise hope and power of the great great unknown. We are still the little selfish creatures that swarm around the surface of the earth, and only a little tripping of the earth, some burps and hiccups is all that it takes to make us realise how insignificant we really are.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

On Intense fellows

I've always wanted to write something so poignantly sad that people would feel that lump in their throat right from the first sentence they read of mine, and they'd cry till their eyes were all weird and puffy. But the little skill I have lacks in this regard. I've wanted to write about the friends I never had, the weight that was never mine, and the places I've left behind. But whenever I plan to whine about something, trying to bring out the sentimental best in me so that people read and comment 'this fellow is quite intense', something goes awry. I think of all the chums I have for rea and all the good fortunes that have been pouring upon me. Whenever I feel quite down and out that I haven't visited school for long, I have this feeling that the best thing I can do for my school is to carry forward its principles. So you see, these feelings get in the way of whining.

And this is when I realise. It takes too much of sadness to be recognised as a very intense fellow. Sadly, my contentment with the world gets in the way.