Sunday, 19 December 2010

Happy Year-End to all folks.

We all make terrible New Years' Resolutions. Not the type which are shown in the movie where you neatly write down point-by-point as to what you should do, and inevitably it has one point that deals with weight. (I am not going to dwell into that forbidden territory. Pricks me right at the bottom of my small small heart). But one makes a mental note of some of the important things that the fresh year shall induce you to do. All fair and good. But the list remains more or less unchecked even at the end of the year. So I decided to get rid of that lousy habit once and for all. It's so much better to recall all the good things that you've unexpectedly done, than to recall all the things that you were supposed to do and you haven't. (One always should voluntarily forget all the lousy stuff of the year. Works well with the happy hormones and all that, you know). To hell with expectations. One can't deal with those of the people around you, let alone those that one voluntarily shoves into the already burdened mind.

So cheers to all the good thoughts. May you enjoy the last days of the year like you've never enjoyed before. And if things don't work out fine, then you always have the option of being sad and lousy. :D


Ann Dee said...

You spoke my heart out girl and saved me a whole blog. Being the lazy bum that I have become, I might as well pass your link and say - here is my kahani, Olive Oyl ki jubani ;-)

How have you been sweets? Long time...