Friday, 17 September 2010

very intellectual traits of very intellectual people.

Ever since our glorious school days, I laughed at my sister for choosing the science stream as she'd have to study very very complicated things while I'd laugh away with my paltry humanities syllabus. I was wrong. And the Gods have thus been punishing me with extra classes almost everyday. Hence the brief sabbatical from blogging. However all my pedagogic activities have not been wasted. Considering I have a crooked sense of observation, I put it to good use.

Being in a college that is famous for its intellectual hyper-activity helps, though often the immediate experience is ghastly and very suicide-inducing. I've begun to observe certain traits that are akin to all wannabe-intellectuals (irrespective of colleges. All's said and done, I'm totally smitten by the place I'm in :p)

When it comes to choice of movies, extremities help. You can get away with an I-am-above-all-this-crap air when you claim your favourite movies to be Oscar winning dramas/Obscure foreign movies and extreme Tollywood potboilers that no sane person can take seriously. It's only when you choose too many romantic comedies and too many movies that star Shahrukh Khan (which does not include Swades) that your intellectuality is questioned.

This idea trickles down to books as well. No one is ever going to listen to me if I say that Chetan Bhagat is the most intellectual author in India, for if nothing else he raked in a huge margin of profit through his paperback series. I've always believed that self help is the best help, and since this guy who looks like a fat version of Rahul Gandhi has helped himself with the moolah pretty generously, he must be admired. Also, reading unfinished works of dead peeps help in giving one the intellectual aura. With the high level of intellectual development that many have very laboriously indulged in, one isn't even an intellectual enough if he has just read 1984 and not Orwell's Critical Essays (or something like that.)

However when it comes to indulging in alcohol with gusto, the peeps who want to be vague rather forcefully (read: pseudo-intellectuals) go high too quickly, and talk about it too much, and at some point of time talk about why they've downed a few gulps, and in more than one instance, I've heard of one excuse that have been to feel the pulse of Pink Floyd more effectively. (However, being a teetotaler, I shall humbly no more comment on other people's alcoholic sojourns. May the Gods bless them with a thirstier stomach).

There are much more things of course but this shall have to suffice as the State Electricity Board has decided to go for a power-cut spree right now. *UPS beeps*. :|