Tuesday, 3 August 2010

How to write depressing poetry:

I have recently discovered that it is very easy to write bad emo poetry. All one has to do is to throw in all the dark words in a sentence, use all possible difficult words in one's own dictionary. The more the piece esoteric and complex, the better the quality of dark poetries of neurotic teenagers. From my perspective, it goes something like this:

The creepy night wishes away my time
Desire burns, churning blood into coagulated blobs.
Screams of laughter pierces through the night sky.
The kites swoosh across the screen of dark heaven,
seeking prey amidst the desolate streets
that are strewn with the remnants of violent desire.
The final desire of a lone person,
As her last futile attempts at emo-poetry
kills the very soul of its readers.

Don't kill me. :| I am bored. :|