Saturday, 31 July 2010

On a serious note

It is at strange times and circumstances that certain nuances of life hits one hard, while the unassuming innocent soul is least likely to expect a profound thought.

We mortal beings are habituated with tolerating people. Boy, we even tolerate the ones who leaves a sense of why-didn't-i-die-before-i-had-to-confront-this-being. But then even they are an inevitable part of our lives. Without them we'd never learn to value the rest of the folks. It's strange to meet varied nature of people with a paradoxical like-mindedness. At times, specially when exams are over and you have idle thoughts to spare, you'd realise with a faint smile, the affection of a person who likes you for who you really are, and not how your appearance makes you to be. The friends who may not boast of an undying bond forever and after, but provide some really good memories for the future, some unadulterated fun for the present, and some simple things to learn about the tricks of life and times, (that does include a plethora of corny jokes and other forms of jargon). The friend whose quiet gestures from a far off city gives you the confidence that you often lack: a consequence of being in the presence of super-man like people, with super intelligence and super appeal, (minus the inside-out mode of sense of fashion, if you know what I mean). This quiet confidence nudges you along this world full of extraordinary people, making you realise that it is nowadays often so extraordinary to be just another ordinary person. Somehow the idea makes me rather content. I am amidst good people.

P.S: I had philosophy examination today. That might explain what seems inexplicable in this note.