Saturday, 26 June 2010

Essay on Powercut and very hot people.

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This is a very serious essay on powercut. During powercuts the lights go off. Usually they happen when Kolkata Knight Riders are playing decently. Loser people call up other loser people during this time. Naughty naughty people enjoy powercuts, you know why. Though I think they can switch off the lights when they want to anyway. But I guess all the other folks in the house will laugh then. Us silly Indians. We always like to do naughty naughty things in the dark. Like taking money as bribes. We like to take them from under the table while we wear pure white dresses to show off our pristine purity. You see, it's the system that has made us like this. We really don't want to be so naughty.

Hopeless going- to- be- twenty girls play during powercuts. They take the candle and sing Noorie Noorie. It is really funny but unfortunately the people around these girls don't have a sense of humour. You see, we are serious people.

Babies cry when it is dark. It's another issue that they cry even when there is light.. Screaming babies aren't childplay to most gonna-be-twenties. They feel very scared and wish that a handsome boy was nearby. But since they are hopeless they don't have handsome boys nearby.

These hopeless girls also feel scared that their good grandparents up with God are going to visit them in the dark. They are usually scared of ghosts and so they call up other people and scare them too. Hopeless gonna-be-twenties are stupid. They don't know that ghosts don't waste time on boring people.

It is also the time when men with salivating tongues stare at poor lonely girl in the dark. These men like to stare. They also like to comment and whistle. They don't whistle very nicely. I can whistle better than them and may be I should teach them someday. My school has taught me that whatever I do, I should do well. May be they did not learn anything in school. I feel sorry for them. May be they should go to school. When I grow up I shall do a big charity show where I will gather money for poor men who can't behave.

The powercuts switch off the fan too. This is summer. We all feel very hot. Even our school principal looks hot in summer. For we all sweat and the temperature is very high. Pretty girls can't untie their hair to show how pretty she looks in summer. The sweat and oil makes the hair look like a rope. That isn't pretty. But as my father says, pretty girls look pretty all the time. And so they look pretty all the time.

It is very hot now too. The lights and fans have just regained consciousness so I am going to publish this post. For all those who've read beyond the first line, thank you. You have proven that you have immense patience. May you get married soon


Lost within myself said...

and that's why 'some' of the rest reads the wonderfully written silly silly post and sighs! damn the bitter truths! :P

olive oyl said...

@Lost: :D mere cynical observation :P

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Shamik Sen said...

Well, you are not cynical. I would rather say you are one brilliant social activist. You are blessed with this capacity of encompassing all the intrinsic and extrinsic properties of modern day "lubh". ;)

Akhil Vaid said...

Good lord you sound like Didi. As in our collective Didi. : )

I personally find the coochie coo couples blechsome. I don't care if you visited some picturesque place with your pretty clothes on. Friggin exhibitionists. Remember to invite me to your wedding.

I guess the trend has shifted to online courtships. Good thing I'm getting better with Photoshop everyday.

So how're you finding the wrong side of the twenties?

olive oyl said...

@Rhiju: Go boy, it's the right time for you to talk about love :P But don't make me a Medha PatKar/didi and the likes in the process. I don't walk around with a frown all the time. The post was about mere observation and not criticism at all. Think of how much more bored we'd be if there was no PDA for us to see :p (this rhymes. unintentionally)

@Akhil: The wrong side of twenty is the same as the 'right' side of twenty. So I am pretty happy with everything. :D

siddarth said...

.... :)

Caveman said...
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very well said da way our beloved facebook needs to have another option in the relationship status... cheating with so and so...... :P

Incognito * said...

How very jah tah! :D

Life would in fact be dour and uninteresting if we don't have "Laoo" fights on social networking sites.
As we look at them and snigger - here's to hoping that there are more in store for the future!