Monday, 17 May 2010

On being twenty

And so God took six days to create everything that he had to create. On the seventh day he was very peaceful. He sat with a good ol' bottle of beer at the beach and patted his belly for all the good job that he did. millions of years later as he still was working on his muse called creating 'people' particularly for this country which he definitely likes to fill with a lot of that kind, he had some trash. As a form of divine dustbin he created me. And I survive as the last of its kind.

I shall turn 20 tomorrow and with divine blessings I shall carry with me to my next year some obnoxious bouts of fever. Hail Birthday spirit.

I shall be losing my teenagehood or whatever that is, though I still look like I can pass off as a pre- adolescent whiny kid. From tomorrow onwards I shall officially lose my right to throw tantrums that can be simply passed off with a remark 'it's her age'. I am now officially supposed to act grown-up like, answer politely to questions like 'why are you so thin' and 'why do you study so much' instead of answering with some badly construed sarcasm. Anyway sarcasm doesn't pay off anymore. Nowadays when I reply to these questions by saying that I am dieting/because I wan't to be the Ultimate Geek, people actually take me seriously.

Now that I am getting out of the so called formative ages, I am suposed to take stuff around the world very seriously. If I claim that the greatest philosophers on earth have been P. G. Wodehouse, Jerome K. Jerome, Calvin and Hobbes and Chandler Muriel Bing, then I shall have to be prepared for the divine kick in the posterior for committing a sin by omitting Marx and the likes. I shall have to hide my optimism in almost everything with a cynical realism about the world where I comment on almost everything with a i-know-about-this nod and continue with a how-the-world-is-changing kind of a sigh. And yeah the vague look to almost all questions thrown at me willl definitely have to go.

And so I shall enter a new decade of my life. And I shall survive.

P.S: None of these views on changing myself are actually going to be true. I shall bother about it when I am 90 and philosophical.

This has been dedicated to Chandrayee, Nibedita, Somrwita, Shreya, Tina and Sayantani. Without you, cribbing wouldn't have been so fun.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

My Legendary Idleness.

It is ironical that when I check the juvenile list that I made when I was not yet 18, as to what i should do when I gain the official adulthood, little did I realise that almost all of those targets were left incomplete even two years after I did become 18. I lack a sense of wildness that I would have found rather funny. I mean, what's the wildest thing I have ever done? probably walk in the stadium at 4 am in the morning. But then that's what old men do who have with them the company of arthiritis and gout. And boy I don't even have that.

Probably the desire to do something weird springs up from extreme boredom regarding what one already does, or does not. I sleep so much that it has been a long time since I saw what morning looked like. I woke up today at 5 only because I had to and I intend to compensate that by sleeping the next twelve hours to glory.

My sense of boredom is unique in the sense that it makes the world around me timeless, like those age old classic movies. I can sit with it for hours and little do I realise when morning turns into dusk. It is so exquisitely beautiful that I can weave it's magic even in my writing, propagating and making others understand the very essence of boredom as they read. Enjoy dear folks.