Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yet another cynical observation

The beauty of unrequitted love lies in the fact that there remains hope. The irony lies in the fact that once the love is 'achieved', hope is dampened, and love fizzles out without much grace.

Most of the popular love stories are tragic. Or else they 'happily end' when cute boy finally gets his pretty lass. Probably they allude to the idea that here's where happiness ends, and hence a happy ending. For all the brawls and irritation that follows makes not a rosy picture. The love does not grow, only takes a giant plunge rather disgracefully and ends with a irritating hangover. I have this feeling that Devdas would never have been so drunkenly in love had he got his Paro. Probably he would have been deliriously joyous at first, pride pumped up to his neck or something. But he wouldn't have been screeching the name of his lady love all the time perhaps. (Just a thought. All the novel lovers need not prepare to strangle me to death if you think otherwise.)

And so love is achieved, like some chewing gum a kid hankers for, to be spitted out with much obnoxious residue.

Thankfully, there are exceptions in plenty, and even my cynicism can't dampen the prospects of some good ol' love stories. :D


Shape Shifter said...

that does it!
i love you.

and i'm somewhat glad you don't love me right back,
because where's the fun in that! :P

Anandi said...

The Carpenters would be proud of you.
"Oh it's a dirty old shame that all you get from love is a love song
It's gotcha layin up nights waiting for the music to start.
It's such a dirty old shame when you got to take the blame for a
love song.
Because the best love song is writing with a broken heart."

olive oyl said...

@Anandi: and that happens to be one of my favourite Carpenters' song :) they are my all time favourites. :D