Sunday, 21 March 2010

I've got exams coming up. hence a post.

Humans are social beings. So for the utopian cause of social welfare, we say things we really don’t mean. Such has been the case for me in recent times. Often what I say, isn’t really what I mean to say. Here are some of the horrid examples:

Fellow cruel social animal: You are so thin.
Me: I know (You opened my eyes sweetheart. I have those funny mirrors at home that make the thin look fat and… Oh look at those adipose on you)

Dentist: you’re braces will have to be kept for a longer time.
Me: No problem. (Without the braces I was the ugliest. With them I am uglier. Without them I shall be plain ugly. No problem. With them or without them I shall remain in some state of ugliness anyway)

Certain fellow classmates: You always study.
Me: I study adequately; I surmise (And if you think not studying is cool, go get a dip into an ice berg.)

To- be- Intellectuals: (Looking at a hot girl) “Karl Marx has said…”
Me: *Vague look*. (If you want to be an intellectual, let’s start with the basics sweetheart. Cut the biogas emitted from your system. In brief, cut the crap, save mankind. Being an intellectual does not imply that you’ll have to flaunt your intellectuality on every mundane occasion. That insults the true intellectuals fellows out there ruling the world. Digest THAT.)

As for many other questions that are thrown at me, the answers in my mind are definitely censored stuff. By the way this does not imply that I don’t fall prey to asking these questions to others myself. :D

P.S: If this has hurt the sentiments of certain fellow beings, let me tell you that I did not intend to, and I can't help if you are as touchy as me :| go, enjoy being lousy.