Sunday, 14 February 2010

Essay on Valentine's Day

Today is St. Valentine’s happy birthday. Happy Birthday saint. It was a month ago. But for us it is today. I don’t know why. Today little little boys and girls go around with other little little boys and girls. They hold hands, wear pink and giggle. They also buy a lot from their pocket money. They usually like pink teddy bears. Today they do naughty naughty things. And the moral police have fun too, even if they don’t do naughty naughty things. The world today looks beautiful, like a big pink cake. Today the shops have hearts. The balloon ones that go with a bang when pricked. Just a week before this auspicious day many queue up to get their love of their lives. They prepare a list ad whoever comes off fast, they get it. It is very simple. Like shopping. And the shopped product comes in a pretty baggage too. All red and pink. And they hold their hearts. The balloon ones that go with a bang when pricked. The greeting cards’ market comes up with many many cards for this special occasion. They have heart chocolates that are so delicious. Everyone does not buy them. They get them as gifts from their lovers who spend a lot of money. We all have big hearts today. The balloon ones that go bang when pricked.


Vikas Gupta said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your network.

So you didn't wear pink and giggle, among other things, on 14 Feb?!

olive oyl said...

i didn't. but secretly i admit that i wouldn't have minded. all depends on what makes one happy ;)