Thursday, 7 January 2010

Lovestruck Romeo

I am to talk about globalisation and the futility of lack of proper negotiations. I think things were pretty decent before. The intellectually inclined Bong would settle for the prestigious Calcutta University tag amidst intellectual talks over a cup of coffee house’s coffee. Then they’d settle for a good old’ job in the city and all that. But now more folks go out of the city to study, and here comes the negotiating skills at play.

If one goes away to a different city leaving his (or her) girl behind (I imply the prized female cow… err… friend; and not daughter. And I vehemently dislike the term girlfraaand for some vague reason.), the bloke will happen to be lightly screwed once he is in the new city. No matter how much the chicks of the new city are famous for their oomph factor; the mind is bound by the fetters of the girl you left behind. This kind of emotional sentiment piled onto the mind by the human psyche is seriously dangerous for the well being of the hapless folk. I mean, you are thrown into the gaga land where chicks are of the more superior kind and you simply do nothing about it.

Phone calls are another subtle prick in the already prickled posterior. What was otherwise glorious days of gaping into the eye of the girl without flinching an eyelid like the Bollywood heroes, is reduced to a few minutes of blabbers over the phone, along with a strong conscience barging in. it reminding one of the massive whole the phone bill is about to create. It then shifts to the internet and by that time, the heart of the lovelorn fellow is too full with grief.: p

And no matter how much filmi one is, it is strictly not possible to communication via pigeon network. Firstly, if a letter sent with the pigeon to an unknown land (unknown for the pigeon that is) the pigeon might get lost. And snail mails are better options. And what else is the hapless pigeon going to do? Whitewash for the sake of expressing the master’s feelings? Nay, Barjatya’s idea is not realistic to be precise.

And thus is the disheartening condition of the lovestruck Romeo marooned in an unknown land. Sustaining this is a different issue :P


T-REX said...

Another analytical blitzkrieg by the reknowned author of our times. This time she deals with the sensitive issue of lovestruck men in search of knowledge away from their sweethearts. A heartwarming read.

Lost within myself said...

funny..and well..I smell something fishy! :P

skinny.olive said...

@ lost: hmmph :p