Friday, 25 December 2009

Calculate your loser quotient: Christmas Special. (Offer valid if you are bored)

We human beings are always out there to find out who’s the greater loser than self. Alright I have been generalising here but the fact remains that at least I do it. the basic five types that I know from personal experience are mentioned below. Go ahead, find your quotient if you fall into these groups, and most importantly, if you are bored :D

1. Go to the nearest pretty church, pray for the pretty girl in the corner whom you’ve been eyeing since morning, attempt to talk through an undecipherable mumbo-jumbo language that culminates into disgust of the girl: this is the loser type which has got the potential to become a non-loser. The princess diary makeover type, if you know what I mean.

2. Sleep late into the afternoon, evening comprises of a booze party. Desire to get sloshed gets so high that you can almost plunge into a booze pool if there was one, to end up being deliriously happy or whatever: absolutely lacks any iota of loser quotient.

3. Hanging around with pretty pretty lasses: same as above. I mean, life is all set. You don’t even need tequila shots here to be high, with PYTs around.

4. Hanging around with pals: same as above. At least even if you are fat or anorexic, they are not going to bother much. you can gorge on any amount of plum cakes you want to. This is sheer bliss.

5. Being online, attempting to blog unsuccessfully: you’ve reached the zenith of loser quotient. End of the story. :D

That’s all folks.
Merry Christmas to you all! And have a euphoric New Year :)


Anonymous said...

I think points no. 2, 4 and 5 qualify for me. Tothally. :)

MARRY christmas to you too! And a hippy new year.

Lost within myself said...

Merry Christmas belated. Nothing more. I am not a critic!