Friday, 6 November 2009

Rocket Science

Rockets were designed on the model of the unholy connection of human brain and posterior. A slight holy flickr won’t do. The blessed rear must be a raging fireball creating halo around it for the mind to realise that it’s time to do what should be done, or rather what should have been done a long long time ago.

Ideally the great initiator of a mystic metaphoric fireball should be available at the right time. Like whenever a desperate teenager sees the picture of Penelope Cruz, desire does not need any procrastination. The required kick is felt almost instantly. But when it comes to examinations this isn’t the case. I have been waiting for this great kick of a lifetime since the last month and it’s nowhere to be felt or heard. The cause can’t possibly be the lack of a humungous rear as per the Apple Boy Newton, it can be easily deducted that small site of action requires small repercussion; hence a slight hint of a jolt should set me free, prancing away to pedagogic glory. Not that it works only for an examination. I have a class at college after an hour. It takes me a wee bit more than an hour for me to reach college. And I am blogging. At home.

Dear Lord, Throw me the fireballs.

P.S: For the folks who think that I am still a nerd, I curse you religiously on something that should not be mentioned here. :p

P.P.S: I stole your title. Not that it was yours.


Caveman said...

Hey Teenager, didn't quite understand the 'apple boy' bit, but the post is hilarious as usual :D

Hope you get to college in time.

T-REX said...

Another fiercely intellectual work of philosophical and scientific thought has been let loose on the innocent public by Ms. Chattopadhyay. This bout of deep throat oops thought has resulted into the fruition of the rocket-derriere metaphor. Miss Chattopadhyay explains how the fire-farting behind of a rocket bears an uncanny resemblance to the teenage bum. Now the only question open to human race id whether to give miss Chattopadhyay an engineering Nobel or a literature Nobel.

Anandi said...

While I too didn't get the 'Apple Boy' reference, I must say this is the most refreshing post I have read in a long long time! It's absolutely amazing.

olive oyl said...

apple boy = Newton

at T-REX: i shall make a post out of your comments. :p

olive oyl said...

@ anandi = i lou you :p

T-REX said...

gee m so excited.