Monday, 5 October 2009

Of family values.

It’s an untold rule that one must not study much in college. Class twelve boards was the last Big Thing as they said. If I venture to take out a book my parents glare at me in a manner as if I have just ruined the family reputation with my action. I glare back with a ‘you-guys-are-the-professors’ look and my mother starts chanting about how she enjoyed life in college that included 17 cinema hall shows of Aradhana movie and how they all never let studies interfere in their happening life. My father rants about how he would bunk classes, slipping out from the back door on knees, play table tennis and woo girls along with it, and similar sojourns to the riverside and Botanical Garden. It sounds so dreamy but it’s true. In this family, I am the one more keen on scholastic proficiency than the rest, and my parents and sister categorically chide me for my pedagogic exhibitions. So I have decided to uphold the name of my family, abandon studies for a long while and enjoy life… err… get a life.

Some excerpts from the family jungle:

Me: (hyper-stressed, before class 12 finals) I can’t study nor concentrate and I don’t know what to do. (Whining tone)
Father: Don’t study. Watch the television and relax till you get bored.
Mother: The problem was created by Vidyasagar. He shouldn’t have ensured women’s education. Too stressful for us.

Philosophy teacher to my father: your daughter has not attended my class for a long long time.
Father: (with a proud smile) After all she is my daughter. It’s in the genes.

Me: I got 57 out of 100 in Bengali. (Considering it was the Second Language, that was low.)
Father: (genuine smile) Lovely that my daughter could score so high. I would get around twenty at the most in school and thus I abandoned Bengali after a while.
Mother: Initially bothered as she was superb in Bengali, ends up singing to me: Just chill chill, just chill.

I rest my case.
Off to get a life.


Rudrani Gangopadhyay said...
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Plagiarised Soul said...


olive oyl said...

@rudrani: i don't mid loving you either :p

@soul: i smile back. :)

Aditya said...

Hilarious. Your family is complete opposite to mine :P

sourya said...

Wow! But yeah, even my dad's chilled out. He gave me an offer to not come back to Pune for the rest of this sem as I am getting a TNG (term not granted) anyway as my attendance is W-A-Y low!

skinny.olive said...

i guess my father so far has been dealing with a rather angelic daughter so it's okay for him to be cool :p

what's your attendance by the way? 3-4%?

Shahana said...

will your parents adopt me..??

Caveman said...

love the sound of your dad. had a gr8 time reading this :D

olive oyl said...

@shahana: i tell you, this is worse. don't pray for that.

@caveman: thank you. the tarzan song for you :p

Caveman said...

“B’wang bundolo mangani kreeg-ah! Ahh-yee-yahh-yee-yahh-yee-ya...” Bang! “...ufff me balls!”

Me be more of the George of the Jungle variety... albeit, Neanderthal-ly extinct ;)

Odds and Ends said...

Me just plain jealous :|

can we exchange our folks?

please :|

olive oyl said...

@oddball: these were conversations of the yesteryears. not anymore :(

caveman: eee-hawww!!! :p

Lost within myself said...

Only you can pen such things!
And srsly yar..such parents!!Now I get the source of your sense of humor :)

olive oyl said...

@ lost: amreeka has changed you! look at the spelling of 'humour' :x


Sohini said...

lovely one namesake ....
u can create magic out of such simple things :)
Chillax :)