Tuesday, 13 October 2009

It’s an hour past midnight; I’d definitely like to do certain things in my life that will make me euphoric, not merely happy. Me being me, my limited pragmatism may lead me to scoff these ideas away in the morning. But as of now, this is what I want.

1. Spend a night at Prinsep. A full moon, words spoken or two, the sound of the river, and a sleepy city.

2. Get onto the roof of the tallest building in city which gives a view of Victoria Memorial, Cathedral and the two bridges on the river. Charming.

3. Stand on a buoy on the river, those round things that are perched up there with an anchor. I've always found them to be fascinating.

4. Whooshing past the city on the bridge across the river, on one of those soft roof cars.

There goes my midnight desires. ;)
Goodnight fellow nocturnals. I didn't have anything better to do.


Lost within myself said...

list ta aro ektu boro hote parto....limited ichche=sofol ichche :|

Caveman said...

stop being too pragmatic piggo.

here's wishing these simple and delightful dreams of yours get fulfilled :)

you seriously need some traffic flowing through your blog now.

celestialrays said...

nice list :-)
all i'd want is to ride a bike through the streets, enjoy the wind through my hair

Sojo Varughese said...

i would want to sleep in Tajmahal a night :)

First time in your blog! Great posts :)

skinny.olive said...

@ celestialrays: i wouldn't mind that :) a really speeding bike ;)

@sojo: thanks! and that's a terrific idea :D

randomrandom said...

thanks for dropping in and joining....the football idea is fascinating!!. great blog ..) arijit

olive oyl said...

@randomrandom: thanks! :)