Saturday, 5 September 2009


Calcutta’s sky has been behaving like my mood: highly whimsical, alternating rain with occasional peek-a-boo of the sun. Its one of those highly romantic evenings, where the happy romantics would like to sit with a cup of coffee, sipping near a cosy window, conversing with the drizzle. Some would like to read a good book snuggled in the bed, with some stolen chocolates. Some would like some senti music. Some would like to go out, and some would like to get into censored activities. As for me, eternally confused, I am trying to blog. This virtual world has virtually ruined me. It has caged me, making me incapable of communicating with nature, letting my soul be free... All right, no more melodrama.

Anyway, the crux of the matter is that it's an absolutely hyper-senti weather and I am disregarding its utility by attempting to blog.

I am such a nuisance. :P

Enough. Time-passed.


plainolebob said...

cool i just posted as well

Anonymous said...

you believe it or not my mood has again gone fluttering like mad....! I thought it will stop but resurrection occurred so bloody swiftly...HELP HELP !

sohini said...

fluttering because of some reason? ahem ahem.

my mood still on the swings. from happy to happier. i am perhaps becoming a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Lunatics are happier beings....I have realised that I don't fall into that category

Aditya said...

hehe very soon, we all will forget our real lives and dwell in our computers :D

Nice blog !

olive oyl said...

thank you :D and that is such a scary thought!

Lost within myself said...

belated..good time pass!

workhard said...


censored activities is what a lot of ppl would opt for....;)

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olive oyl said...

@workhard: someone has been really honest :D