Friday, 25 September 2009


Leaving a Bong fuming and smoking is easy. You just need to drag the oaf out of Calcutta during Pujo. I was going teary eyed at the very thought of it all the time till it’s actually just about four hours left for me to catch the flight, and I must say that finally I am rather excited. But my excitement has been rather marred by one big thing: aeroplane.

I know it will sound silly but I am stiff scared of them. According to my twisted logic, the repercussion of boarding one is being the victim of a crash. One of my friends meekly suggested that I should be proud as I am like Meg Ryan in French Kiss (the movie, pervs. From which a Kajol-Ajay Devgan starrer was badly pinched, in all the wrong places). In return I meekly cursed him. the only silver lining are the flight Stewarts and they are too good for me to even steal occasional glances, and though airhostesses are fine, the degree of my fear and my orientation makes them trivial.

I’ve packed a Jeeves series and also one of those William books (William the conqueror) that amazed me when I was eleven or twelve, hoping that they’ll keep me off my scary thoughts. (That reminds me, I had crush on Wooster at a point of time and even William, when I was his corresponding age. I know, it’s really very sad. But nevertheless, William is a Man.)

Anyway, so it’s going to be a week of abstinence from blogging and Orkutting which is pretty great. I’ll be having a life. So this consolation should keep me away from my rather weird fears.


Sohini said...

hey sohini whr r u going ?
happy journey anyway ....
and Happy Pujas

olive oyl said...

delhi-agra-jaipur with parents and i am stiff scared ;)


Samadrita said...

Damn how come everyone I know are going on vacation except me? :X
Anyway have a safe journey.

Lost within myself said...

have a great trip :)

siddarth said...

ha ha ha :) well written!
but u really have nothing to fear, statistics reveal that there is a greater likelihood of u getting struck by lightin than getting killed in an air crash!

happy journey!

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Anonymous said...

Aeroplanes scare me as well...that should be consolation for you too. :|

Happy Journey. :)

Jaideep Sobti said...

Ha! flying is fun!

If you find a hunk of an air steward, keep ringing for him... that 'ought to keep your mind preoccupied; who knows how things turn out ;)

You know, PG is the best for a long flight, especially if the plane goes thru an air pocket or two... and that phenomenon btw is called, "Butterfly Giggles".

Bon Voyage piggo :)

Anonymous said...

Arre bondhu
Escalators, air planes, lofty terraces and those sorts which have the tendency to wobble me down terrify me!

though I know you didn't crash :|
the two missed calls you sent the next morning are quite an evidence actually.

olive oyl said...

@ samadrita: alright, with my blessings, you'll soon go for a vacation too :p

@lost: had a great trip, almost :p

@siddharth: thanks! and i have come back in one piece too :p

@quotidian: you just killed all the consolations from others.

@jaideep: friend there werent any hot guy of any sorts :( only chicks all over. sigh :( the pilot was good though :p

@ipsita: i returned safely as well :P was missing you louly.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! People still miss me! Love tumi ashol. Tomake ami ei jonyo eto bhalobashi