Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Rain and the associated mood

It has been pouring all day. It’s been a long time since I’ve woken up to such a dull morning where even the crows refuse to execute their morning orchestra. Our garden was never in a respectable shape, always looking like a mound of weeds, and at this moment, it has managed to take the shape of murky stagnant pond. Most in my class has been cursed with a perennially running nose and as I sniffed away to glory yesterday with a torn tissue, a professor continued to glare at me in a manner as if I am that bloody hog that started it all.

The cats loath the downpour as well. The sexy female in the block recently had proliferated the feline world with five more folks. Thanks to the rain they have made our balcony their make shift home and two of the overgrown off-springs are sprinting up and down a grubby ladder that is kept there, occasionally trying to pinch my lunch kept in the kitchen that exists in its periphery. So my task at home is to be the watchdog. What utter joy.

As for me, I am hoping against hope that some miserly folk like me will come online to wile away my time. I can’t even do the sexy-lady-with-a-coffee-mug-romantically-looking-from-the window because the effect from a grilled window would be like desolate-freaky-kid-stuck-with-a-mug-glaring-from-the-window. I don’t have any story book at this moment that will lift up my mood from the deluge apart from my history books and those are the last things I want to set my eyes on, rain or no rain.

It’s still pouring. And no amount of typing is going to lift up my spirit. I’ve got nothing fruitful to do. I guess I’ll just snore away for a while. Good afternoon and Goodnight.

P.S: A fellow intelligent blogger pointed out an essential point I had missed: about the mighty insects. Yes friend, there are reigning supreme all over. Some are sprawled on by bed too. Bloody buggers. For information on other things on the loose, check the comments :| But I am not responsible for all that is discussed there :|


Anonymous said...

You know what...nowadays I also sleep away my time!
I never did that previously. I am alarmed at my rate of change in habits :O

Aditya said...

lol hehe my friend calls them the pissing monster =))

agreed rains r most irritating. You missed another point-insects. They make your bedroom thier make shift home :( .. eeks.

Well written. Wish you had written more ..i liked what you wrote :)

olive oyl said...

@ipsita: you aren't supposed to sleep. you are supposed to be mugging up physics, chem and bio day in and day out :x

@aditya: thanks for pointing it out. i have added it in a post script :D bless the insects.

Bhow bhow bhowie. said...

Well,,....dont forget our canine friends. :)

The scientific name of dog is 'canis familiaris'. They have sharp teeth. They are quadruples. They walk on their toes. They are born carnivores.Some dogs carry harmful germs called rabies.Diseases caused by rabies are - hydrophobia and brain fever. Previously,a set of 14 vaccines had to be given to the patient,but nowadays,5 vaccines are given,at an interval of 0,4,7,14 and 30 days. :)

Anonymous said...

Arjun is throwing his knowledge shit here...STOP BOY!

Jennifer Salerno said...

Nice post pouring your thoughts like it:)

plainolebob said...

well when we get rain here them big yard roaches try commin in gere too. don't worry rains will stop someday.

olive oyl said...

@ jennifer: thanks :)
@ bob: stopped. finally :D

Lost within myself said...

ah..would you believe it? I miss that rain a little! :|
nice post as usual.
Rains are great time to catch up with re-runs of the comedy shows if you prefer to stay home. Next time you may think (or write) about that too. :|

olive oyl said...

@ lost: nice idea :| rain is made worse when my father continues to watch the same old puddle-stories in the news.

but to tell the truth, even i'll miss it if i am away :)

workhard said...

I know.. mosquitoes all over the place... but i still love the rains..

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olive oyl said...