Friday, 28 August 2009

Q and A

Q: What does a person do if she finds that she is rather ugly?
A: restore her self confidence by saying that she is ugly with brains.
Q: What does an ugly person do if she finds that she is ugly without brains? (but can fake intelligence occasionally)
A: Be like me :|

One of my I-am-depressed phases going on. Shall soon recover. :D


Bhow bhow bhowie. said...

Participate in Miss Ugly contest. U can win. U will get a handsome husband as a reward. :|

P.S.: U r not ugly. Dont be depressed. Be sexy. :|

sohini said...

post me the picture of the prize-man! ah-men :D

Bhow bhow bhowie. said...


Anonymous said...

amra shobai pseudo
however REAL we pretend to be.
Some accept and some don't
Tumi amar moto or rather ami tomar moto[tumi boro toh tai] :|

Enigmatic Quasar said...


Chocolates, family and 20mg/day fluoxetine for 6-8 weeks. Not necessarily in that order.

But what helps the most is simply the "Who-gives-a-frock?"

olive oyl said...

@quasar: i usually recover from it within a few hours, with the assistance of chocolates :P so perfectly cured. good to have an online doc around. :p

Lost within myself said...

you should know very well that you are not ugly..and about intelligence?!..even the mention of that is irrelevant..that too in this blog! are we supposed to be deadlocked? :O

olive oyl said...

@lost: sujoy da, you are a darling! but when i am going through my phase of depression, you should just let me be in it :p it comes once in a blue moon and is very healthy for the mind :P

btw, recovered.