Sunday, 23 August 2009


The Gods are so pleased with me that they are hurling entertainments into my life almost daily. My sister chanced upon some saved online chats more of the private types between me and the man whom I claim to be my brother because of our skinny quotient. With excitement and adrenalin all oozing out she finally decided to ask me on the matter, realising that her sister is perhaps not that much of a loser. I was stumped for obvious reasons, imagining my sister to conjure up in her head that I am into all the birds and flowers of Hindi movie stuff. She’s also in the reciprocal state of being stumped as her kid sister is mingling to glory.

But sadly it is not all that happening. No Bad Man is ‘manoeuvring me’ to achieve his cruel ends, I won’t be kidnapped and tied to chains like the damsel in distress of Bollywood. We are more like two useless best of chums eyeing each other because we have no better options around us :D And I must say that I'm having fun in life, as usual. But I must say the fairer sex was rather enthused, probably because this would be the first time that someone won’t discard him as a mere geek.

Anyway, Gods, I love you all, but no more excitement please.


T-REX said...

chats of a private nature eh?..loads of aaaah's and umm's der?

sohini said...

nah none of that form. :p

much much less private :|

Anonymous said...

Sorry for loading u with some more(errrrr....excitement!) :P

Lost within myself said...

sondehojonok bapar sapar :|

olive oyl said...

very funny :\