Sunday, 30 August 2009

Life and its poetry

Whenever I want to write something poetic, invariably I end up goofing up the whole romantic inspiration that I had intended to pen down, and the thing turns out to be shabbily prosaic. It then appears to be that I am plagiarising my Oscar-winning-like thoughts to churn out Bollywood potboilers of the Chunkey Pandey type. It’s like whenever one is at his romantic best, wants to dole out some Shakespearean romance to his lady love, expressing how senti the pretty lass can make him and all that, and he ends up saying something as crass as “I love you babe”. I mean, it’s told by every soul to some other special soul who eventually ditches the fellow after a few days, when in the process of saying the same old sentence to some other new fellow. (I guess you’ve got the hang of it.)

I saw this highly intellectual movie yesterday, and it triggered my latent intellectual side and I decided to pen down something poetic. The weather was perfect. Light breeze, sound of leaves. Starry night reminding me of the song, and I began writing. After scribbling and scratching out almost a whole page, I drew a pig. I even hunted down the cupboard to unearth my ages old colour pencils and coloured it pink with red rimmed heart shaped sunglass. So that was the prosaic homicide of my lyrical thoughts.

I stared at the pig for long. It has become some motif of sorts in my life. Nothing can possibly happen to my life if my fascination lies in drawing pigs. But then I don’t mind. I really enjoy drawing pigs.

(this is an old drawing but the one I did yesterday was almost the same as this, if not better :|)

P.S: I wrote about pigs and I forgot to mention swine flu. Totally blasphemous.


Bhow bhow bhowie. said...

I will eat up the pig. Haaaaaa. :|

T-REX said...

Intellectual pig. What was the name of this movie? Attack of the pigs?

olive oyl said...

@bhowie: i like pork too :|

@t-rex: hah. it was a movie by rituparno ghosh starring bipasha basu :| no pigs nowhere. :D

Anonymous said...

Pigs penning down stuff on pigs....yeh duniya bari gol hai[a song from dev.d] :P

olive oyl said...

tui amae shuor bolli?:p

Anonymous said...

The 11th comandment states: "Though shalt not forget thy pork"


olive oyl said...

@ Aaron: just reminded me of my last take on pork at a glorious restaurant. sigh :(

Death On Two Legs said...

Like the artwork. LOVE the header picture.

Lost within myself said...

tai boli..chhobita chena lagchilo :|
cinemar namti ki btw?
ar kobita likhe kaj nei....emni lekhalekhi e ba kom kiser? tar sathe natural drawings...wah! :|

sohini said...

@ leggy dead: header picture stolen. i love it too :)

@lost: movie ta 'shob choritro kalponik'. khub antel :|

Anonymous said...

shuor ke ar ki bolbo? :O
tomake kuriye pawa no offence meant on your parent's lineage :P

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