Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New thing on the block

In this world where most souls are always updated with the latest cool item in the electronic world, I was meandering rather shabbily with a cell phone that only had the basics and a radio. I loved it as my technological know-how doesn’t let me go beyond listening to the radio after fumbling for the channels. Then the think suddenly zonked off. And my heart broke. To top up I even lost all the numbers stored. But then thanks to my archaic sense of storing things I had all my phone numbers written behind my erstwhile history copy which I had happily donated to the newspaperwala. All very sad. I grumbled with my father who decided to get me one, since he thinks if a stay without a cell phone it will be difficult for him to contact me when I finally elope with the neighbourhood laundry-boy

So there I go to the shop, show my old cell to the rather good looking guy over there, and say that I want one exactly like my old one. The retarded being smirks, a foolish bloke immersed in the sticky world of materialism who can’t fathom
my eternal love for my old cell phone. Then he shows me one which looks almost like my old one, a modern version of it- black, no slides or flips or twists and turns, and it has also got a camera (Awww. My first camera cell phone. It has also got the Bluetooth thingy that I can’t use because of my technical deficiencies in my brain. And it has sudoku! :P) I was gushing with pride as the folk successfully made me into a materialistic moron like him. (Kidding. I was one since ages).

The first few pics I clicked were of our neighbourhood tomcat who happens to be highly camera friendly. I clicked away to glory as he posed with side, frontal and rear views. I like this feline fellow. He is usually always perched up on our kitchen dustbin and doesn’t go away when I warn with my very dangerous and deadly ‘shoo’. He has got lots of attitude-of-da-cool-dude and makes me seem insignificant and definitely inferior to him for being a human. He has got strings of girlfriends whom he woos underneath our car, which is very disturbing. For the car. He also defies the law set by nature that a cat should be afraid of the canine beings. He again gives them The Look that makes every dog feel… whatever the doggy feels. Guess you can get a hang of it. If not, doesn’t matter.

Anyway, the thing is, I am pretty elated because of the new thing I’ve got and also because the wonders of technology amaze me. (Note: a skinny friend who doesn't read this blog couldn't use a cell phone till class 12. I adore this fellow :p) And it isn't much more of a burden on my father's pocket than my previous one, so that satiated my girlie sense of getting a good bargain without actually plunging into those bargaining brawls. (I mean, I can't bargain for a cell phone unless it's Chinese. Infact I cannot bargain at all. don't qualify as a girl in this criterion. And I was again about to deviate from the topic.) The best thing is the sudoku part which I can solve to glory (so far) whenever I get bored. I know you I-know-it-all fellows might be smirking but I am like that, rather backward in this field. But nevertheless I miss my old one. :( (Same reason why my father doesn't want to sell our 1983 model Fiat jalopy that we don't use anymore. We all love it. And it's a really sexy car.)

Nostalgia. Sigh.

anyway here are some pics of the fellow:

P.S: I use brackets and the word 'anyway' too often. I had written an answer in class five examination with first, second and third brackets to explain in a sentence, if it qualifies as one, some obscure thing related to science. And I checked out in a 'which Friends character are you' quiz that I am really like Ross. :|


Anonymous said...

camera ta koto pixel?????
oi biral tar ekta naam dio
that bechara deserves a name at least after posing for 4 odd pictures

Anonymous said...

ami ei comment ta korei porte gelam

etar jonno boko na

olive oyl said...

2 mp. er cheye beshi pixel'r camera kinte gele baba guli kore mere dito :|
beral tar naam 'hitler'. or gof achhe bole. er aageo er onek chhobi tola hoyechhe. :D

bokbo na amar blog'e comment dichchish toh :P

hitler beral besh hot na?

Bhow bhow bhowie. said...

such nyc cats. :)

Anonymous said...

Hitler is Smoky Hawttttt :P
ami jodi manob-bor na khuje pai....jeta pawar khub ekta possibility nei;tahole ami Hitler[the cat] kei biye korbo

shopoth nilam

2mp is quite good :)

amar baap o latthhi mere debe or theke beshi kinle :X

olive oyl said...

ami jokhon borolok kauke dhorbo tokhon orom cell kinbo :|

Anonymous said...

tumi kipte....borolok ke dhorlei unnoti hobe na :P

Bhow bhow bhowie. said...

Holi khele Raghuveer aya bag me....
Holi khele Raghuveera. :)

Lost within myself said...

fluent, concise and a nice read.
congrats on ur new cell..nokia for sure?

olive oyl said...

yes that's the brand i can use so i didnt attempt a new one. would have killed it for sure. someone teach me how to use a cell properly :(

Lost within myself said...

once you learn everything about something properly, you get bored with it.
better keep a little secret..the love shall remain :P