Saturday, 22 August 2009

For they are jolly good fellows

In remembrance of the deed that was not done. (this post deals with only a few fellows concerned)

They went, they saw and they conquered. Their temptations. Here in this college where men literally chew on grass like cows, these glorious folks paid for it and watched as others snorted their money to grassy glory. This is the reason why I like these folks. We have the potentials to be absolute-geeky losers and love most of the moments of it when we are not cribbing. Life is beautiful :D


Plagiarised Soul said...

life is indeed beautiful

olive oyl said...


T-REX said... paid to watch themn smoke up ? How much? I'll smoke up everyday for half that much. be my customer from now on.

PS:-Is this post a clue of some sort?

T-REX said...
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sohini said...

no i didnt pay or smoke. a few of my friends tried to. post dedicated to them. as they were observing there money go up in smoke literally, i was busy buying books from outside our college campus. you see, i am a hopeless geek :D

T-REX said...

and what about the clue?