Saturday, 8 August 2009

Eyeing the Forbidden Fruit

Human nature is highly predictable I suppose. If there is anything that we are told not to prod our nose into, our mighty olfactory immediately gets into it and shoves hard. (Thought to ponder upon: our finance minister’s snout is always red… does that imply he is always digging in and out the clutter? Sorry). I don’t know much about other souls as to where they want to dig and why and into whom, metaphorically speaking. But as for people like me who’s at the mighty edge of teenage hood and still haven’t been able to shed her hyper-active adolescent curiosity, the enthusiasm to poke the nose covers a wide area.

A soul’s Orkut status reads that one should get a life instead of reading his scrapbook. I being the responsible chick online took the cue and read a few pages of his forbidden book and informed him that there is nothing interesting in it barring a girl who is desperately asking him as to why the blighted phone was not being received at midnight. I felt sorry for the folk considering the fact that us rice-and-fish Bengalis prefer to be in a state of deep slumber with a bloated gassy stomach particularly at that specific hour of the day. We all have an inherent Adam and Eve eyeing for the glossy forbidden fruit, the desire to do what is forbidden.

Whenever there is an exam we feel sleepy, the probability of yawning multiplies, the desire to pick nose, get interested in others’ lives, play Uno, watch Tollywood potboilers, talk mindless crap, increases manifold. Contemplation of successful matrimonial ads to escape the wrath of examinations is also on the minds. Or whenever some chick is trying to hide her handsome hunk of a boyfriend from the coveting eyes of her desperate girlfriends, us petty friends get all the more nosier, trying to find out the exact physical and mental composition of the victim of a hunk, as well as the exact physical and mental composition of the virtuous bond between the aforementioned hunk and the friend.

Or whenever someone’s mother tells her to shred the bones from the fish that has got a rather complicated skeletal structure, she starts to write a post for her blog instead of combating the fish.


I must rush.

Or else Ma will slaughter me with the fish bone and then there will be no fish chop for lunch.


Anonymous said...

what was the fish that u were combating with???
anyways..fishes aren't much of my favourites...though Hitler will hate me for it!

V said...


olive oyl said...

@ipsita: ilish machh. so you can understand my condition. bloody fish :|

@V: i see.

The wise one said...

amar ilish maach bapok laage. dont call it bloody. :x

P.S.: Ami Arjun. Eta amar deleted blog jekhane ami sobar bepare ulto palta likhtaam. :|

Anonymous said...

Ilish maachh...yum...fatafati laage!
Now hitler will lou me!

but yes the skeleton gives a pretty nasty trouble. I hope we could get it boneless.

olive oyl said...

i like ilish too, minus the 'thorns'.

kaanta laagaa...hae laagaa...


emni gailam. thorn'r sathe manachchilo. :p

Lost within myself said...

funny indeed.
how much time did it take to think and type this in?

Anonymous said...

this gal doesn't need to think and type funny stuff
it's natural in her :|

olive oyl said...

@ sujoy da: it was stimulated by my mother's orders.

and i can proudly say that there was not a single bone in the fish chop. i performed the task beautifully i must humbly admit :p

@ipsita: day i say i love you?

Anonymous said...

you wrote that in my testimonial...remember???? :|

sohini said...

@ ipsita: okay so i told you. i am telling you again. i love you :|

ArJuN said...

Lou declarations bapok laage amar. :|

P.S.:U'r supposed to be a pig. Pigs lou ilish maach. they dont crib about their skeletal structure. :|

olive oyl said...

can't help it. you'd be cribbing too had you been in my place. huh :|

Anonymous said...

@ sohini di-I reciprocate your love,lovely :|

@ arjun-ilish maachh jokhon pechhone kaanta niye dourabe na tokhon .......thhak ar bollam na. :P

myroseblooms said...

NEVER lose your curiosity! Sure, it can get you in trouble at time, but without it we are dull, dull folk. Where would science be without it? Where would literature be without that spur to gain knowledge and release it to others though books? Life would be a pretty raw deal without that drive to know more than you do at present. It keeps your mind active!

I do hope you can come and visit me at my own blog, and remember, comments are welcome!