Sunday, 30 August 2009

Life and its poetry

Whenever I want to write something poetic, invariably I end up goofing up the whole romantic inspiration that I had intended to pen down, and the thing turns out to be shabbily prosaic. It then appears to be that I am plagiarising my Oscar-winning-like thoughts to churn out Bollywood potboilers of the Chunkey Pandey type. It’s like whenever one is at his romantic best, wants to dole out some Shakespearean romance to his lady love, expressing how senti the pretty lass can make him and all that, and he ends up saying something as crass as “I love you babe”. I mean, it’s told by every soul to some other special soul who eventually ditches the fellow after a few days, when in the process of saying the same old sentence to some other new fellow. (I guess you’ve got the hang of it.)

I saw this highly intellectual movie yesterday, and it triggered my latent intellectual side and I decided to pen down something poetic. The weather was perfect. Light breeze, sound of leaves. Starry night reminding me of the song, and I began writing. After scribbling and scratching out almost a whole page, I drew a pig. I even hunted down the cupboard to unearth my ages old colour pencils and coloured it pink with red rimmed heart shaped sunglass. So that was the prosaic homicide of my lyrical thoughts.

I stared at the pig for long. It has become some motif of sorts in my life. Nothing can possibly happen to my life if my fascination lies in drawing pigs. But then I don’t mind. I really enjoy drawing pigs.

(this is an old drawing but the one I did yesterday was almost the same as this, if not better :|)

P.S: I wrote about pigs and I forgot to mention swine flu. Totally blasphemous.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Q and A

Q: What does a person do if she finds that she is rather ugly?
A: restore her self confidence by saying that she is ugly with brains.
Q: What does an ugly person do if she finds that she is ugly without brains? (but can fake intelligence occasionally)
A: Be like me :|

One of my I-am-depressed phases going on. Shall soon recover. :D

Sunday, 23 August 2009


The Gods are so pleased with me that they are hurling entertainments into my life almost daily. My sister chanced upon some saved online chats more of the private types between me and the man whom I claim to be my brother because of our skinny quotient. With excitement and adrenalin all oozing out she finally decided to ask me on the matter, realising that her sister is perhaps not that much of a loser. I was stumped for obvious reasons, imagining my sister to conjure up in her head that I am into all the birds and flowers of Hindi movie stuff. She’s also in the reciprocal state of being stumped as her kid sister is mingling to glory.

But sadly it is not all that happening. No Bad Man is ‘manoeuvring me’ to achieve his cruel ends, I won’t be kidnapped and tied to chains like the damsel in distress of Bollywood. We are more like two useless best of chums eyeing each other because we have no better options around us :D And I must say that I'm having fun in life, as usual. But I must say the fairer sex was rather enthused, probably because this would be the first time that someone won’t discard him as a mere geek.

Anyway, Gods, I love you all, but no more excitement please.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

For they are jolly good fellows

In remembrance of the deed that was not done. (this post deals with only a few fellows concerned)

They went, they saw and they conquered. Their temptations. Here in this college where men literally chew on grass like cows, these glorious folks paid for it and watched as others snorted their money to grassy glory. This is the reason why I like these folks. We have the potentials to be absolute-geeky losers and love most of the moments of it when we are not cribbing. Life is beautiful :D

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Eyeing the Forbidden Fruit

Human nature is highly predictable I suppose. If there is anything that we are told not to prod our nose into, our mighty olfactory immediately gets into it and shoves hard. (Thought to ponder upon: our finance minister’s snout is always red… does that imply he is always digging in and out the clutter? Sorry). I don’t know much about other souls as to where they want to dig and why and into whom, metaphorically speaking. But as for people like me who’s at the mighty edge of teenage hood and still haven’t been able to shed her hyper-active adolescent curiosity, the enthusiasm to poke the nose covers a wide area.

A soul’s Orkut status reads that one should get a life instead of reading his scrapbook. I being the responsible chick online took the cue and read a few pages of his forbidden book and informed him that there is nothing interesting in it barring a girl who is desperately asking him as to why the blighted phone was not being received at midnight. I felt sorry for the folk considering the fact that us rice-and-fish Bengalis prefer to be in a state of deep slumber with a bloated gassy stomach particularly at that specific hour of the day. We all have an inherent Adam and Eve eyeing for the glossy forbidden fruit, the desire to do what is forbidden.

Whenever there is an exam we feel sleepy, the probability of yawning multiplies, the desire to pick nose, get interested in others’ lives, play Uno, watch Tollywood potboilers, talk mindless crap, increases manifold. Contemplation of successful matrimonial ads to escape the wrath of examinations is also on the minds. Or whenever some chick is trying to hide her handsome hunk of a boyfriend from the coveting eyes of her desperate girlfriends, us petty friends get all the more nosier, trying to find out the exact physical and mental composition of the victim of a hunk, as well as the exact physical and mental composition of the virtuous bond between the aforementioned hunk and the friend.

Or whenever someone’s mother tells her to shred the bones from the fish that has got a rather complicated skeletal structure, she starts to write a post for her blog instead of combating the fish.


I must rush.

Or else Ma will slaughter me with the fish bone and then there will be no fish chop for lunch.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New thing on the block

In this world where most souls are always updated with the latest cool item in the electronic world, I was meandering rather shabbily with a cell phone that only had the basics and a radio. I loved it as my technological know-how doesn’t let me go beyond listening to the radio after fumbling for the channels. Then the think suddenly zonked off. And my heart broke. To top up I even lost all the numbers stored. But then thanks to my archaic sense of storing things I had all my phone numbers written behind my erstwhile history copy which I had happily donated to the newspaperwala. All very sad. I grumbled with my father who decided to get me one, since he thinks if a stay without a cell phone it will be difficult for him to contact me when I finally elope with the neighbourhood laundry-boy

So there I go to the shop, show my old cell to the rather good looking guy over there, and say that I want one exactly like my old one. The retarded being smirks, a foolish bloke immersed in the sticky world of materialism who can’t fathom
my eternal love for my old cell phone. Then he shows me one which looks almost like my old one, a modern version of it- black, no slides or flips or twists and turns, and it has also got a camera (Awww. My first camera cell phone. It has also got the Bluetooth thingy that I can’t use because of my technical deficiencies in my brain. And it has sudoku! :P) I was gushing with pride as the folk successfully made me into a materialistic moron like him. (Kidding. I was one since ages).

The first few pics I clicked were of our neighbourhood tomcat who happens to be highly camera friendly. I clicked away to glory as he posed with side, frontal and rear views. I like this feline fellow. He is usually always perched up on our kitchen dustbin and doesn’t go away when I warn with my very dangerous and deadly ‘shoo’. He has got lots of attitude-of-da-cool-dude and makes me seem insignificant and definitely inferior to him for being a human. He has got strings of girlfriends whom he woos underneath our car, which is very disturbing. For the car. He also defies the law set by nature that a cat should be afraid of the canine beings. He again gives them The Look that makes every dog feel… whatever the doggy feels. Guess you can get a hang of it. If not, doesn’t matter.

Anyway, the thing is, I am pretty elated because of the new thing I’ve got and also because the wonders of technology amaze me. (Note: a skinny friend who doesn't read this blog couldn't use a cell phone till class 12. I adore this fellow :p) And it isn't much more of a burden on my father's pocket than my previous one, so that satiated my girlie sense of getting a good bargain without actually plunging into those bargaining brawls. (I mean, I can't bargain for a cell phone unless it's Chinese. Infact I cannot bargain at all. don't qualify as a girl in this criterion. And I was again about to deviate from the topic.) The best thing is the sudoku part which I can solve to glory (so far) whenever I get bored. I know you I-know-it-all fellows might be smirking but I am like that, rather backward in this field. But nevertheless I miss my old one. :( (Same reason why my father doesn't want to sell our 1983 model Fiat jalopy that we don't use anymore. We all love it. And it's a really sexy car.)

Nostalgia. Sigh.

anyway here are some pics of the fellow:

P.S: I use brackets and the word 'anyway' too often. I had written an answer in class five examination with first, second and third brackets to explain in a sentence, if it qualifies as one, some obscure thing related to science. And I checked out in a 'which Friends character are you' quiz that I am really like Ross. :|