Saturday, 11 July 2009

happy and gay... and why not?

Since time immemorial men have been men. Then god started making them ugly. Adam and Eve was one happy go lucky pair in the Garden of Eden. Then they had to do the thingummy with the apple. The problem with time is that it has a tendency to be wild. I mean, Adam and Eve could have easily rested in peace, doing all the things that they were supposed to do if you know what I mean. But the fellows got bored and what follows changed the course of history, or myth or whatever.

So to go back to what I was saying, at a point of time men were men. Now they wax their chest. Previously God made women like Aphrodite. Now they make things like me. I have this belief that when a business expands and production rises because of higher demand, and public being the way they are constantly wanting faster and better service, the divine bloke can’t make all people look like salivating-worthy anymore.

With the number of men dwindling, women are bound to choose women as their partners, and since the bloke up in the sky can’t make many gorgeous women anymore, brawny men have to choose their waxed counterparts. And since the Almighty still knows his art well, provided it is sent in limited numbers, there are still some good looking women and men who are Men, being sent to earth, so it’s not that all are so called deviant folks, and therefore religious groups needn’t worry their pretty heads about misbalancing the social structure and all that. So decriminalising gay sex is an act that follows the course of nature, and it also helps to reduce population. With all its plus points, I can’t see why homosexuality shouldn’t be decriminalised.

I am simply trying to explain to the jammed heads that being gay isn't abnormal. Just because a group is in the minority doesn't mean that they'll have to adhere to the norms of the majority. With all the quotas in India we should already know.


Lost within myself said...

wow..that was bold.
u are growing up :)

olive oyl said...

nah, just the other side of my hypocritical self :p

Anonymous said...

grow up lass!
btw why is ur name olive oyl?
Manjulika loves to drink oil!
ami sobai ke kheye nebo.
ami tomay esob lekhar jonno pulish e dhoriye nebo.
This is manjulika's sopoth! :O

T-REX said...

Wow..A happy gay lucky post. And a social message thrown in too. I'll send a link to Ramdev Baba

olive oyl said...

ramdev will kill me unless i buy his ayurvedic products. :|

olive oyl said...

@ anon: arjun you can come out of your shell :p

Anonymous said...

could not be happier. could it? :D

olive oyl said...

sorry :(