Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Curious case of the dog on blogtime. :|

Fame is followed by spiteful intrigues. And if the famous victim of all conspiracies happens to be someone like me who totally lacks seriousness in certain issues, then the twist and turns are often hilarious, though at times they tend to harp on highly sore and sensitive strings. Some anonymous being had been stalking this ill-reputed blog, and a typo-brawl ensued with another being of the milder kind. A few spectators including me left the members of the blog-fight club to do their own thing. I mean, audience aren’t supposed to meddle in wars between valiant men. (I did meddle, trying to delete a few of their arguments but since I have a life other than being online, I left without completing the task. Very unfortunate.) This happened to hurt the sentiment of another fellow being of an even milder form. Thus I was categorised as a person who fakes being someone else in the blog, etc etc. now that charged me up big time. A few comments later some another being, not of a milder form, commented on the blog of the being whose sentiment I did hurt, that he’ll sue him for criticising. I found this mildly hilarious; (though I don’t know who the legally expedient bloke is, but I have got my hunches, considering the fact that I lamented about the whole funny mishap to a few in one of the social networking sites other than my blog-comments :p) thanks to my complete lack of seriousness which I wish to imbibe in course of writing this post. So I have been blocked by the kind soul, who thinks that I have declared legal war against him. So is the story.

But amidst all this, barring the fact that I respect people who know when to draw lines if something goes against their principles, I still find things funny. Therefore, finally I have come across something in me that I needn’t be complacent about, barring my weight and physical attributes. It’s my complete apathy towards seriousness in life. So from now onwards, I shall be amputating my funny-bone (which was limited to a few classical jokes stolen from wiser friends and family) and from now onwards my blog shall be thoroughly serious, with grim professorial language that I am sure is somewhere latent in me.

May the Gods help me.

P.S: Need not jeer. I really couldn't think of a better title. :D And calling myself a dog does not amount to any gaali. They are good beings.


Arjun said...

The title is awesome. :P
Very convenient.
But what I have to say is that,why do you even give a damn about 'kind souls' blocking you? :O
You are popular enough. One brat more or less would'nt matter much. :|
So chill. ;)
Don't have to give a damn about what others say. If you are true to yourself,that is enough (found this dialogue in a c-grade magazine).
P.S. : Is the moral of the story supposed to be 'tit for tat'? :O

Ann Dee said...

I hope this one doesn't grow a "tail" too. I was wary commenting on your post the last time. No fun if your blog weeds up.

A tip: Ignore!

Lost within myself said...

yes. garbage should always be thrown away. even with a price.
this beautiful piece of gem should not be place for creatively challenged people to use for campaigning!

Mer-curial-maiden said...

This is very strange, but I don't have too much of the backstory so will refrain from shaking my fist at random people I don't know.

And in answer to your queries on my blog - why don't you mail me? This is far too public a place to be discussing this, don't you think?


I don't make predictions and stuff :P I just like guessing people's signs and smiling when they do things that are typically them.

Take care :)

olive oyl said...

@ arjun: toke bhabchi kodin comment korte allow korbo na :p

@ann dee: i pray so too.

@sujoy da: piece of gem? i was planning to delete the blog altogether but better sense prevailed, presumably. :|

@merc maiden: you are a sweetheart. ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Curious Case of Button eyed Sohini[poor copy from Curious Case of Benjamin Button]

One of the best titles I have ever heard :|

As a complete Gaali-Preacher I loved the verbal row at your previous blog

N.B.:I don't throw abuses here and there until it is really necessary. I think the numerous anons and Arjun were in urgent need of crashing their frustation :P
But the arena could have been some place else.
I mean littering someone's blog is not such a great idea.

Though to the person who bothered to halfway read through your blog comments...U deserve this [@#$% off]

Arjun said...

@ Sohini di: Keno? :O
Ami toh bhalo maanush. :|

@ Ipsita Shome: I was the brave one,revealing my identity. :|
And it was necessary. The guy/gal was continuously bothering me. :(
Btw,,..are u a gaali-preacher? :O
I lou gaali-preachers.
Lets go and have a verbal row on some other blog.
The winner will get a Parle Mango Bite. :|

olive oyl said...


T-REX said...

You could launch an investigation into the identity of the cusser, you know. Write a book by the same name as this blog spot.

Anyways a sigh of relief from my side too.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
olive oyl said...

i'm relieved too :D

Arjun said...

@ Ipsita Shome (the comment which has been deleted) : I would also lou to do that. :|
But he changed is comment moderation settings. Sigh. :(
Oke amio gali ditey chai.
Kinut aar esob korbo na. :(
SD khepe jabe tahole. :|

Arjun said...

P.S.: SD is the short form of Sohini Di. :|
Il be using this abbreviation from now on. :|

Anonymous said...

@ sohini di---o ki korto tomaye je tumi comment ta del marle ???? :X

@ Arjun---na na karor blog moila kora bhalo na

Arjun said...

@ Ipsita Shome : Kar blog moila korbo? :O
Abbreviation e just use korbo. :|
@ SD : Blog er upore likhe dao ''Do not litter". :|

olive oyl said...

ami amar blog'e karor ninde tolerate korbo na decide korechhi. :|

do not litter? :p nice idea. i love you two. :p

Arjun said...

Notice : I'm fed up of typing full names. :|
So, I'l use IP for Ipsita shome. :|

Arjun said...

@ SD : Tumi khub mota. :|

Arjun said...

Chholo amra antakshari kheli. :|

olive oyl said...

achcha. ami m diye:
mera juta hai japani (majher line gulo bhule gechhi) phir bhi dil hai hindustani.

arjun: i diye :|

Arjun said...

na na.
eta cheating. :x
Mera juta hai Japani r porey aaro 3te line bolte hobey.
noyto aar antakshari ki holo. :O

Ann Dee said...

Now I know a place for a crash course in Bong.

Eikhane ashey thakley amar Bangla ekdum bhalo hoye jabey. [learnin, learnin]

olive oyl said...

at Ann Dee: tomar bangla khub bhalo emnitei ja dekhchhi! (say yes if you have understood this. i know you have. ;) )

@arjun: jaa tor sathe khelbo naa.

Ann Dee said...

naa go amar bangla ektuyei bhalo...but tumar bloger comments gulu porhey ar sikhechi (ok this one's a little faulty, don't know how to say it otrwise Maam' :P)

Pl reply in Bong..here and at my Blog. Me loves the "cha-choo" feel of the language. :)

Anonymous said...

@ AnnDee--Ei blog er comments follow korle bangla toh shikhbe but when u will exhibit it infront of someone that person will drag u to court for the misuse of bong language and insult of the bong community :|

Arjun said...

@ SD : Accha. Ami I diye gaichhi.
Ik do teen,char paanch che saath aat no das gyara bara tera.
tera karu gin gin ke me intezaar,aja piya aaye bahaar.
R diye tomaar turn. :|

@ IP : Sobai sobai ke court e niye jaye keno? Ki destructive nature! :|

@ Ann Dee : Ami bangla sob cheye bhalo jaani. :|
Amar kacche tuition nao.
Bangla e ekdom bepok hoye jaabe. :O

Anonymous said...

@ AnnDee--do not believe this nutcase(arjun) bondhu :|

@ Arjun--tao toh eta india...america te ekta bench bhenge gele woodcutter ke dhore :O

Ann Dee said...

@ Arjun

Tumar Banglar grasp ta dekhechi kichu bhalo (saw bits of ur verbal duel with Anon), but ami decent Bangla prothomey sikhtey chai... Slangs sikhte tumar kachey ashbo :P

@ Ipsita

The language is jst the 'means'..The 'end' is impressing some passer-by Bong with my Bong-enthu and getting invited fr ilish-macher bhappa ;)

Arjun said...

@ Ann-Dee : Ok. :|
Kinut nijo bongobhashar proti oporisheem bihobol bhalobashar bhandaar mor lekhar protiti chhotre prokashito hoye. :O

@ IP : Ebaba. :|
Btw,.. tumi sasooral genda phool bole gan ta sunechho? :O

Anonymous said...

@ AnnDee---ei shotabdi'r Vidyasagar ke jano???? Ei amader arjun...don't break your teeth in the process :|

@ Arjun---oi genda phool ta tui amake 'O' diye ekta social networking site e pathiyechhish...oi cinema te aro gaan chhilo...bhalo bhalo...ogulo pathate partish :X

Arjun said...

@ Ann-Dee : dont worry bondhu. :|
Daant khenge gele amar kacche chole eso.
Amar kacche acche Colgate Toothpaste aar Ipsita dir kacche acche natural daatun. :O
Tomar daant ami Fevi quik diye jure debo. :|

@ IP : Oi gaan ta amar bepok legechhe. :\
such sophisticated songs appeal to me. :P
Tumio ota sono. Matha fresh hoye jaabe.
Ebar ami tomay 'Poo poo raani bari sayani' boley ekta gaan pathabo. :|

Anonymous said...

@ Arjun--spare me the horror :O

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