Monday, 11 May 2009

'Stuck in second gear' ;-)

Life is a lot like Friends except for all that hahaheehee in the background. But then things would be so much more fun if we had that background guffawing for real, though presumably it wouldn’t be fun for the object of all the hilarity. And as for me, if I were such a character, the laughter would have been continued incessantly (at me). I am a lot like Ross. The only difference is that he got hold of Rachel. Firstly, he married someone with whom his preferences didn’t match, even after a son. Amongst all my fellow classmates I am the one who has got a hundred percent chance of getting hold of a gay boyfriend, who might even look like Rachel, if not the ugly- step sister of Penelope Cruz; or at least similarly feminine. The fact that Ross is a palaeontologist, combined with the fact that I intend to study history if I can scrape through my examination proves the fact that we are equally mind-numbing and insipid. His fashion faux pas are of the same echelon as mine. As a kid I have worn the Bengali’s patented underwear-as-swimsuit in Digha with a mannequin like ease, I still can’t see why t-shirts can’t be worn over formal trousers that clutch you at odd places like aggressive crabs. Also I am about to be nineteen and I don’t have my ears pierced which I think is a blasphemy of some sorts. Also I stink like I am freshly out from a refrigerator storing stale dead fish and yet I forget to wear the deodorants. But then Ross was mugged as a kid and he even wrote a science boy fiction. Providentially I was never that much of a geek to be similar to him in these criteria as well. (Is being part of a group that created a magazine in class 6 equally geeky?) Nevertheless, similarities with him in other fields are rather disturbing for my sanity. And the final cliché? I even look like him, just shorter. But then, it doesn’t really matter. At least I look like some celebrity whom I devotedly love.


The Sea Witch said...

would you mind being a lesbian?

if so, can i apply to be the wife?

can i? can i?

please please

pretty please ... with dinosaur bones on top?

sayan bhadra said...

yo sea witch :D

olive oyl said...

witch, i am yours. when are you willing to fix the date my darling? i shall take you to digha for our honeymoon :p

olive oyl said...

and no sayan, this won't be a threesome so you neednt be excited. :p

Merlin said...

Honestly....? Ross... ? and you..? Does that mean in the end you'll bag the babe (or the male counterpart for babe)? And get married 4 times? And have kids with 2 different partners? And take a different persons name at the altar? Hmmm... even with history, thats not a boring life is it?

olive oyl said...

may be i wont do all that but i have the potential. that makes me enough rossy (okay, that sounds sounds sick) :p

The Sea Witch said...

@ze frustu love of my life

i come back to the city on the 13th

date at princep on the 15th?

yes? yes?

@sayan the strangaar

anytime man... anytime :D

olive oyl said...

sure honey. i'll strum the guitar beneath your balcony. i'll have a horse carriage to take us. :p