Sunday, 19 April 2009


Perfection is a Utopian ideal. You wake up, take a rather foamy bath in the tub singing ‘sonny boy’ like Bertie Wooster, or play with the old rubber duck, Take a leisurely hour choosing the right thing to wear, and gazing at the mirror to see where the tummy is at the present moment, and all is perfect. Till you get late for whatever that you are supposed to do, and then ultimately screw up the whole day, returning home groggy and tired and absolutely down and out.

For some other people like us, we jump out of the bed almost at the eleventh hour, cursing the provision for ‘snooze’ in the cell phone, have a bath that does nothing to take out the morning stink, counter it with lots of good deodorants, have a breakfast of assorted crumbs and leftovers, and we are on time, if not early, for whatever we are doing. In the end we return home as happy as a tipsy birdie, and enjoy life.

These words of wisdom were illustrated in my sister’s t-shirt. They are the new philosophers.


Lost within myself said...

now thats a very true statement! Been following that strategy since,like, forever! considering the run for 235, i guess, the same applies to you too! :P

btw..did you copy the text or did you just added a few sentence in the original?

olive oyl said...

oh no the t-shirt had some sort of an illustration. Got the idea from that. Now I see that what i've written doesn't even rsemble what the shirt wants to potray :|
and yes, you got the 235 part absolutely right :D just pray that i don't get into a college thats on the bus route. :(