Saturday, 11 April 2009


It’s customary that the death of all things evil must be celebrated with extra fervour. Even if you haven’t really killed the evil spirit, and even if it has committed its notorious crimes, its withering away must be fêted. It calls for an undying gusto to mark ones success for not letting the evil draw out your soul like a leech on a feeble body. It marks the triumph of not yielding to the mighty conqueror that sets upon the soil to drain life from its natives. The evil cages us into dark and damp cells from where we can never see a glimmer of hope, or conceive any desire that goes against the conventions. Our spirit is trapped and life reduces to a meaningless chase to oblivion, for in the end, even the best isn’t remotely good. To thwart this evil is almost impossible, as the action of exterminating itself prematurely shall give us harsher punishment. But the brave conquer it, without being afraid of its upshots. The fight is not for the weaklings.

Yes, exams are over. I have conquered it without losing any weight. And if you think that I am being over dramatic, then go and watch Prosenjit.


Lost within myself said...

for a minute there....I thought you are going to abolish terrorism :|
anyway...enjoy your time!

olive oyl said...

its allmost the same for me :| it is a subtler terrorism anyway :|