Monday, 23 March 2009

muddle syndrome

Ever wondered what being truly happy is all about? We mortals have forgotten the art of being blissful. We languish for what we don’t have, and gradually life simmers down to grey patches of displeasure. And then, when we stand at the other side of Lethe; we question the true meaning of all that has passed…

All right I am not going to delve into all this philosophical and sentimental gaga. But to think of it, our typical teenage life has blatant streaks of complaints that will definitely seem hilarious to us when we’ll become grey and wise. It’s a manifestation of our perennial confusion, especially us girls. During examination time, if we don’t study, we definitely have a big problem. But if we do, then whether others are doing as well or not is a big question. If the others do better, great- we have to face an even greater hitch. If we’ve got hold of some good chic or guy (depending on our alignment) then there is some problem or the other bubbling amidst the coo chi cooing. If we are single, then all the people in love are blasphemous bird-brained dolts. If we have the requisite curves then we complain of the lecherous eyes of men (and girls like me). And if we don’t have the required stuff, then we crave for attention from the opposite chaps. When we look nice and fat we starve ourselves to become ultra- anorexic. If we are thin, and have the desired skeleton effect, we pine for some hormonal wonder that will make us fat. (Gosh this sentence made me emotional.) If we have curly hair on top, we spend zillions on straightening them, and if we have straight hair, then a few more bucks are spent to make them curly and all messed up around your face like some angel's black ghoulish halo. If we are good at something we feel proud of it, and the moment someone else seems better, we plunge into the abyss called inferiority complex. I tell you, us she-beings enjoy feeling inferior at times. Stupid us.

A friend says that women are confused bisexual beings. Confused, yes I agree. Bisexual? Then I am in the majority. (We’ll have to be bisexual in this world where men nowadays wax and pedicure and flaunt their chest-hairlessness in a manner as if their noble heart’s covering is as good as Yul Brynner’s helm. I tell you, all men on earth. We women are confused soul. For God’s sake and your own, stop behaving like us.)

Darn. See? Even I am so confused that I deviated from the topic and started chastising the chic-men.

Anyway, the point is that there's this masochistic desire to create problems even if we don't have any. May be without such problems life will be pathetically dull and dreary. Anyway... whatever. I guess you’ve got the hang of it.

P.S: This is NOT about me. but a general attempt at...err... generalisation :|


Anonymous said...

Yes. I have got the hang of it.
Except for the last part.The "This is not about ME.", "Generalization", blah blah part. :|

olive oyl said...

You see, I am a very smart and an intelligent girl :|

Lost within myself said...

Ah. The declaration of sexuality in such a mild manner :|
To be frank, another gem in the certain persons..quite helpful too. :|
For once it made me think, If you have biology as a paper :|

olive oyl said...

one doesn't need biology to understand that some men wax their chests, for they also flaunt them in public. Silly things. girlier than girls.

A Poetess said...
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A Poetess said...

nice read. quite agree with what you have to say especially about the women really liking the sufferance of an inferiority complex part..
just one thing that was jarring to my eyes was the misuse of the franco-german origin of the now english word 'chic''re using it interchangeably with 'chick'..but it cant be more further from the fact you'll be surprised to know that 'chick' has actually evolved from 'chic'--the latter being almost a synonym of stylish elegance
am leaving u a couple of links in case you wanna find out more about it:

olive oyl said...

Yo baby thank you :D but using 'chic' looks better than calling girls 'chicks' somehow. :( chicks sound so hen-ish :p

A Poetess said...

ha ha ..understand that one
the reason for me disseminating such useless info..its just that i had a orkut name of 'understated chic' some time back..and the amount of misunderstandings & 'friend' requests sent was mysteriously solved with my boy friend pointing out the fact that most people were thinking 'chic' to be 'chick'
Neways thanks for Ur return visit to my blog..hope to see u around

olive oyl said...

You must have borne the brunt of "hi i wanna make fraandship with you" people :P