Thursday, 29 January 2009


The furious sun sets on my disfigured soul. You and I are like the luminaries in the cosmos. But I am the dying star while you are gathering your flames to shine for aeons. Naively I had bequeathed to you my searing armour of life, and you had robbed me of it invidiously. (And since then your parents had to pay high electricity bills).

I’ve longed for you from the day we parted (when you were here, I longed for other people.) it was a gigantic blunder that I made. (I must have built the Titanic in my previous life) You are gone but your smell still lingers like a dark shadow (No axe affected.) Without you I am all alone in this murky and lackadaisical world. (Emo kids should be left there to rot anyway)

Trying to make a come-back to life, I fail miserably as each attempt reminds me of my failure and the loss it entailed. (No, I am not dev Anand.) I stagger back to the past that didn’t have you, though such a past was long gone by. Each moment spent in the dark hours of the eyes see your countenance. (In stark daylight, I can see the faces of better beings.)

Adrenalin conceives the desire to find you again. (But what if I have a hormonal problem?) Anticipation and despondency is entwined but then it was you who taught me to be a realist. Your love made me sink into feeling that this was ceaseless. And now that you are gone, you have taken with you my hopes and dreams, leaving behind only those that appear as phantasms in the darkest of hours (Too much influenced by Shehnaz Hussein.)

But what’s lost is lost. Us mortals have to face the consequences of what we do (Politicians are immortal). As I confront the future each day, the twine of the past pulls me back. And I remain as a mere puppet to the strings of your memory. (Being John Malkovich.)

Thought that a heart-break post would add glamour to my blog. But no one broke my heart. Hence the disaster :p (And I am a nincompoop. I can't even fake pseudo-intellectualism :| )