Saturday, 27 December 2008

Change of Season

My eternally over-wintered brain is seeing spring for some time now. Though it should have been ideally operational for the sake of my upcoming examinations, the Mumbai carnage plus the festive spirit did the honours instead of the thoughts of the Impending Doom of March. My mother is always at her freaky best- she was sure that I was going to get blown up if I visited Park Street on Christmas. (That’s going to happen on the day my result comes out anyway. And no it’s not about eat-and-get-bloated blown up thing. She has given up hoping for that, ages ago. She has now accepted the fact that she has given birth to a toothy skeleton.)

Footfall at the malls always increases during any festive season, mostly thanks to us shopaholic femmes. And since majority of the women in this planet have side-bags almost like Pandora’s Box, the security guards at each malls are supposedly at their hyper-best. The television media has also wakened up from the quiescent state. 26/11 has given them a decent Breaking News at last. So it’s continuing even now. A certain bong channel has also started keeping unattended bags in crowded areas to check the citizen’s and police’s alertness. Both the targeted victims failed miserably to identify and complain about the suspicious thing. Though such acts test the alertness level and pre-warn about potential dangers, I found such hoaxes rather funny.

26/11 has changed life for many quite a bit. It even changed the spelling of the Bong- Didi’s name. For some nothing much has changed- their food for life is the primary concern. The Great- Social- Divide is all the more glaring. I don’t remember being so concerned about the Malegaon case, Assam Blasts or the perpetual mayhem in Kashmir. Attack on the Parliament became an ‘attack against Democracy’ while other attacks were sidelined as sporadic cases not worth all the media hullabaloos. Attack on Taj made a certain renowned reporter write about his memories there that coincided with the birth of his son while the 56 dead at CST was not given much footage in comparison. Certain things never change.

As for me, I’ll now wait to watch Shrek.


Lost within myself said...

that was a nice one....seems you are really concerned on the mumbai attack....try not to think re....the mor eyou think the more u are making those terrorists succeed in what they wanted to do in the first place.
in the mean time i see u are trying to follow Jug Suraiya quite successfully :)

Anonymous said...

nice post :) .No matter how alert the police and the media is ri8 now.. they will neva succeed saving us from the terrorists.. today they are active.. but i can bet on this just aftr 2-3 months u will find them sleeping. India loves to repeat the same history again and agian :D

olive oyl said...

life goes on. :D we keep on repeating history to create more study material for the future :D

Tifossi said...

Hey that was well put .. honestly blasts do keep happenin in the North East pretty regularly but nobody cares. Why this partisanship??? Nice post!Im Avi