Sunday, 14 September 2008

Boring Machine.

Boredom has consumed me. No wonder I am back to blogging. And with this post, I am going to bore all the readers to death- if they have managed to survive reading the other posts that is.

No doubt everyone wants to know what goes on in a girl's mind all the time. it's difficult to gauge I agree. In case of men its quite easy for the prime topic of thought processing for men is what the American Pie movies are all about. If for any guy it isn't so, then a visit to the doctor is surely on his cards. But us girls are made of far more complicated stuff I swear. Men are always eager to get an insight to a chic's mind. I have a more raging temper than any man around and so anyone trying to poke about trying to know whats going on in my lil brain will get a You-Know-What at You-Know-Where. (Sorry to the good ol' folks who had to bear the brunt of it.) Now that I am trying to think of what goes around in my mind most of the times, all I can remember is that I think of missing the cart power equipped bus every time its the end of the last period in school. I worry about what vegetable I will have to consume during lunch which my mother says is healthy but I argue that the thought of consuming itself is gonna drive me bonkers. I think about whose what I wished to kick-the-hell-out-of that day but could not, etc etc. I even worry about studies. When I miss my computer I think of typing in my sleep. I think of Pigs- in stys and in human bodies. These prove that I worry about all the mundane minutae of life which really isn't going to do me any good. I should learn from men. they know exactly what to think when they don't have anything to do. And look at me. I am bored: and all I can do to kill time is to start blogging.

P.s: I read what I wrote just now. Does not make any sense to me. if it does to you, then may the God of Men bless you.