Friday, 22 August 2008

It's a matter of Life and Death

Unfortunately I have realised that I get the momentum to write blogs only the day before an examination. English examinations aren’t exactly a sting in the rear if one is creative. An imaginative and resourceful chic need not study English for hours to get the Golden Marks on paper.

(No wonder I need to study)

The HS Examination Board souls were so hell bent on teaching us kids about life that they have selected poems especially written on death. Or else poems which will depress one to death anyway. No wonder examinations are killing stuff. (Are these some evil schemes of population control?) Class XII English syllabus has made me realise that the tenth grade was actually a part of some advanced learning system catering to us First Language Intelligentsias. (Not that we are any better than our peers) It was somehow realised in the eleventh grade that the higher studies should revolve around less challenging matter. Thus West Bengal Board has disproved the general idea of progression of the mind. However, what I appreciate is that it has given the language a high echelon. Though I crib about the marks factor, I appreciate the fact that it does not simply distribute marks like charity. It does not throw marks above 95 percent to anyone and everyone who can merely get a sentence correct. There is always a sense that in language one always has a scope for improvement and can never be seamless in it.