Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Epitome Lost

I thought I had lost my epitome. I’ve got it back. My eyes were overflowing with tears when I heard the news. I couldn’t believe that I was getting back what I had lost so suddenly...

Yes; I got back my broadband connection. After lots of complaints and several unsuccessful tiffs-off with the bsnl-walahs. A certain chirpy lady had taken up the phone to (supposedly) patiently listen to my complaint. A fine soul. full of energy even at 8 pm. I, in full awareness of my recently found adulthood, meekly warned that I would dump bsnl for good if it doesn’t bother to restore my connection. And the answer at the other end? was: “Who has stopped you from doing so? Do it instead of complaining”. I was dumbfounded. Here I was gearing up to vent my broadbandlessness frustration and she counter-attacked me instead. I tried to explain this hapless disoriented soul that she shouldn’t be saying such stuff for it will cost her her job, but I understand that it must be boring for her to listen to so many complaints etc etc… But oh dear. For the first time I tried to be stern and the repercussion was such that I couldn’t control my amusement. But the connection got restored the next day anyway. Chirpy Lady saved my life.

This has made me think of my long-term affair with the internet. I can’t survive without it. It engulfs me; makes me want to be a better profile. I sneak into the album of cool chicks to satiate the platonic lesbian side of myself. Gosh. What a frust I am. Anyway, who cares? I’ve got my epitome back.